4″ Railroad Pattern Black White Matte Porcelain Geometric Tile

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T4-MB-RL is new added to our 4 Inch Tile Geometric Tile Series, inspired by the railroad design, this tile comes in a twist pattern, playing magically to turn into another 3 patterns (Chevron, Diagonal, Square) in different paving ways. Please make sure the sheet is rotated correctly to form the pattern accordingly during installation! You will get satisfying design inspiration from it! All is in details!

Item Sells In Sheets

1 Sheet Covers 0.83 Sq.ft

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Product Type 4 Inch Tile
Model Number T4-MB-RL
Pattern Railroad Pattern
Versatile Can be used for both residential and commercial. Ideal for both wall and floor covering.
Finish Matte
Material Porcelain
Chip Shape Triangle
Chip Size 3.43″x4.80″
Sheet Size 10.96″x10.96″
Thickness Only 0.24”, enlarges the room space visually
Gap 0.098”
Sq.ft. Per Sheet 0.83
Sq.ft. Per Carton 8.3
Quantity per Carton 10 sheets
Mounted Technique Mesh Backing
Color Option Black Mixed White
Selling Point The unique triangle shape in different creative patterns. Copyright Designs by ANT Tile.
  • Environmentally Friendly: During the manufacturing process, porcelain mosaic chips are formed by molds, while glass and stone mosaic tiles are cut into certain shapes. So, it causes less loss of raw materials to produce porcelain mosaic tiles than glass or stone mosaic tiles, which means it has high efficiency on cost-performance index.
  • Durable: Compared with other flooring materials, porcelain mosaic tile has lower life cycle cost. There is little probability of chipping or breakage and the glaze or surface hold up under continuous wear because it is impact and abrasion resistant after high-temperature oven firing. If an individual tile on the mesh is damage you can cut the bad tile out and replace it easily. With proper installation, porcelain mosaic tiles should last the lifetime of the structure.
  • Patented Design: For this geometric tile series, we create unique patterns of our own and they are all under design patent protection. In future research and development, more colors will join the family and there will be more space for imagination.

3 reviews for 4″ Railroad Pattern Black White Matte Porcelain Geometric Tile

  1. Ann

    Love your geometric tile product, never see it before, they are so creative and unique. But some pattern like the twist pattern, seems has a difficult installation.

    • NANA ANT

      hello, our twist patterns can create more than one different motifs, you don’t have to worry about the installation, make sure the twist point and rotate the sheet correctly to get the right pattern you want.

  2. Christine

    Want to purchase one of your railroad geometric pattern black and white tiles, can you let me know where can I get this tile please? Thanks

    • NANA ANT

      Hi Christine, where do you located? Will send details to you ASAP.

  3. Nancy

    Interested in this black white triangle tile, my project designer recommend it to me and I will consider to take it due to its playful pattern. Good!

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