Geometric Triangle Star Pattern Mixed Hot Melt Glass Mosaic Wall Tiles ZOJ2908

Constructed of small triangle shapes and star pattern, this glass mosaic wall tile will build a feature wall backsplash to kitchen, bathroom, shower, and any living rooms. It is waterproof and strong quality, standard choice for modern commercial remodeling project.

It is getting popular for commercial hotel restaurant project. The pattern is also can be customized as request.

Free Sample Available. OEM project Accept! 



Model Number ZOJ2908
Series Regular triangle
Color blue and white,  grey and white color
Material premium hot melting glass mosaic
Chip Shape Triangle
Chip Size 19.75*22.8*6mm
Sheet Size 318x310mm
Thickness 6.0mm
Mounted Technique Mesh Backing, easy to install
Versatile Recommended for wall, backsplash, accent
Selling Point Regular triangle shape, hot melting glass mosaic
  • OEM Project Accept: Customized service available
  • Sample Available Now: ANT.TILE can offer free sample for all customers for quality check, contact us now!

Additional information

Surface process

Glossy glazed finish


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