Mini Triangle Flower Pattern Black CZG103CD

Here we recommend this black mosaic tile in mini triangle shape and flower pattern, is a classic and popular design for kitchen backsplash, bathroom wall remodeling.

Glossy triangles are arranged on an interlocking mesh to create a seamless and easy installation. Made of premium porcelains, it is highly resistant to water and wear, versatile in interior design project.

Suitable for wall, backsplash and accent tiling project, residential and commercial use. All in details!

Free Sample Available. OEM project Accept! 

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Model Number CZG103CD
Series Regular triangle tile, flower pattern
Color Pure black color
Material premium porcelans
Chip Shape Triangle
Chip Size 48x15mm
Sheet Size 290x300mm
Thickness 5.5mm
Gap 2.0mm
Quantity per Carton 11 sheets
MOQ 104 Sqm
Mounted Technique Mesh Backing, easy to install
Versatile Recommended for wall, backsplash, accent
Selling Point Mini triangle shape, classic flower pattern
  • Environmentally Friendly: During the manufacturing process, porcelain mosaic chips are formed by molds, while glass and stone mosaic tiles are cut into certain shapes. So, it causes less loss of raw materials to produce porcelain mosaic tiles than glass or stone mosaic tiles, which means it has high efficiency on cost-performance index.
  • Durable: Compared with other flooring materials, porcelain mosaic tile has lower life cycle cost. There is little probability of chipping or breakage and the glaze or surface hold up under continuous wear because it is impact and abrasion resistant after high-temperature oven firing. If an individual tile on the mesh is damage you can cut the bad tile out and replace it easily. With proper installation, porcelain mosaic tiles should last the lifetime of the structure.
  • OEM Project Accept: Customized service available
  • Sample Available Now: ANT.TILE can offer free sample for all customers for quality check, contact us now!

Additional information

Surface process

Glossy glazed finish


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