Before, ANT.TILE said that Triangle tile is popular up and the 2018 would be the year of the triangles. And our words rang true. If you are an interior design and home renovator, you know that triangle shape and pattern can add strong visual interest to any spaces. With geometric tile trend, our triangles offer a fresh take for interior design.

We begin with two triangle size – 1 inch and 2 inch tiles created in variety of innovative designs and see this geometric shape become such a hot choice! We are showing you a few triangle mosaic tile applied in different spaces for your design inspiration.  

Pure Triangle

Triangle looks great in a single and pure color although in different patterns, classic white and black is the most popular seller in our pure color series.  

pure white triangle tile patterns

Tile shown: Classic White Matte TR2-MW 

We also take the year’s new trendy color for our pure triangle, and the tiles are nice and pop, bold and different for design inspo. Contact us for a color card to choose the color fit your style!   

ANT.TILE color card

Unglazed Triangle

Unglazed tile is also called full body tile. We provide unglazed triangles with a natural surface, it is low water-absorption rate, good wear-resistant, and non-slip, suitable for interior floors.

unglazed black triangle mosaic tile pattern

Tile shown: Iron Ore Unglazed TR2-UB

3D Glass Mixed Triangle

You can create a so-stylish wall below with our Starry Night series, a pattern features 2’’ triangle unglazed black and 3D glass mixed mosaic. This pattern and shape would be perfect for kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and any interior wall design.

TR2-F-UB-G_unglazed black and 3d glass mixed 2 inch triangle tile wall design

Tile shown: Starry Night – TR2-F-UB-G 

Artistic Triangle

ANT Artistic is a new collection specially created for interior designers who are looking for something different for project finish. Playful patterns, geometric look, you will get endless design inspiration from these triangle tile patterns.  

We do love triangle so much, it brings geometry beauty and refresh the entryway of any home.

TR2-MWB-DD07A_geometric triangle tile pattern entryway wall design

Tile shown: 3rd Generation – Time Tunnel TR2-MWB-DD07A

When triangle turns into square, it builds an amazing kitchen, although the space is limited.

TR2-CL-SQ1_geometric tile pattern kitchen floor design

Tile shown: Classic – Square TR2-CL-SQ1

This pattern makes a dynamic floor installation, that lets your home really pop!  

TR2-BLM-L_diagonal triangle tile pattern floor installation

Tile shown: Blue Mountain – Diagonal TR2-BLM-L

The below cozy fresh vibe will send you into each happy day, a take on green tone and geometric tile for bathroom plan.

TR2-CH-L_geometric tile pattern bathroom wall design

Tile shown: Chino Hill – Twist Diagonal TR2-CH-L

Pool Triangle

Your swimming pool would be more interesting and inviting with our artistic pool tiles, whether you use these tiles in a residential or commercial pool, you have made a good investment and add values to the whole space.  

TR-SA-TBL2_artistic pool tile resort hotel installation

Tile shown: Artistic Pool Tile Blossom TR-SA-TBL2

Border Triangle

A good border tile will beautify the whole space and build a good vibe for you. ANT.TILE also supplies decorative border mosaic tile for you, paired with all our tile collection wonderfully! We love our diamond pattern border work with our pure black triangle mosaic tiles on wall design, making an elegant home at Nordic style!

B-TR1-MD decorative border tile design

Tile shown: Border Tile B-TR1-MD

diamond pattern triangle border tile pattern

Triangular design is hot and create a space that is modern and in unique way. Welcome to get a free quote from us if you are interest in our triangle products, also contact us to find the local retailer of ANT.TILE.

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