Some people consider gray is a dull and somewhat dreary color for interior design, while it has become one of the most popular colors in today’s home decoration, many designers and architects love to use it in their project. Gray is a nice in-between color, not too bright and not too black, it works perfectly to give a touch of drama and mystery to any space. It is also thought to be a new beige color, while feels more sophisticated than beige. It is versatile and doubtlessly is the king of neutrals.

If you are still hesitate to take gray into your room, following we are sharing some interior designs examples that look awesome with gray. Read on and get inspiration for your next projects.

Charming Gray Living Room

Living room is a vital part in home decoration, it is where you will spend lots of spare time in your house. Whether you reading books, watching TV, or gathering with guests and friends, find the right shade for your living room is important. Look at the case below, we believe that first of all, you will be attracted to the floor which is covering by ANT.TILE’s geometric tiles in diamond pattern. The tile is eye-catchy and perfectly blended into this room, you don’t need to worry about gray too dull, the tile pattern makes your space interesting and create a WOW factor!

The big-size gray sofa provide a cozy area and the gray curtain cam weaken the bright light to create a better relaxing space. It is smart to use wooden color for backdrop, wood table and a wood-color single sofa to add warmth to the room.

Charming Gray Living Room with diamond pattern geometric tile floors

Featured product: T2-CSD-BTF diamond pattern geometric tile floor in living room

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Everything Looks Great In Gray

This is absolutely the dreamy neutral decor for me! Gray wall painting, gray wall picture, gray curtain and gray floor, everything looks great in gray color. The geometric floor tiles really give a pop to the space, the playful pattern makes a strong visual effect and livens up the room. The light-gray wall color shows a level of true sophistication, and the big picture brings a touch of art. The antique green chair is perfectly paired with the floor, everything in the room works well to add a hint of Scandinavian design, you will love it!

T2-CSD-FM gray geometric tile pattern for living room floor decor

Featured product: T2-CSD-FM gray geometric tile pattern for living room floor decor


Perfect Gray Backdrop For You

Gray is about to become most people’s dearest wall color. Gray is a prevailing neutral color, even if you are not a fan of neutral decor, gray walls can create the excellent backdrop for your home. And you will get convinced after looking at the example below. The combo of gray color and triangle shape tiles adds timeless geometric beauty and makes a hint of elegance to the living room. You won’t make the wrong decision on the triangle tiles after you see the installation. And you can find more pros here: Find Out: Why ‘Fall’ In Love With Triangle Tiles? >>

Buy some really-pop throw pillow can make your room feel more comfortable, building a friendly space for your family and kitties.

Perfect Gray Backdrop with unglazed grey triangle tiles

Featured product: T2-UB-PZ gray triangle tile for wall decor


Gray Adds Depth To A Kitchen

From the floors to the cabinets, the combo of different gray shades add depth to the small kitchen, which makes the small space looks wider. You won’t feel boring any more when you look down at your feet in this small kitchen, the creative geometric tiles allow your floor to pop and enliven the tiny space easily. It is a nice idea to enlarge your limited space by installing a bold floor, and you can get some inspiration from this post: I Have This Thing With Floors >>

I am definitely so into the dark gray cabinet with golden line, it looks so high-class and luxurious to level up the whole space. The noble gray painting cabinet is so inspiring for those who want to enhance their home style.  

Add depth to small kitchen with gray geometric mosaic patterns floor

Featured product: TR2-CL-SQ1 geometric mosaic patterns for small kitchen flooring


Casual Cafe In Light Gray Hue

The cafe goes a casual style with classic light gray tone and wood tables, which will be welcoming and attract more customers. In cafe like the below one that has a large window, let the light in, choose a light tone and keep all furnishing clean and simple, you store still can make a great impression on customers even though it has limited space. The bold pattern tiles perfectly dress up the interior floor and make a statement to the cafe.

If you are going to open a store with minimalist style, light gray hue would be an ideal palette to consider. The post of “How To Make Your Shop Look More Attractive?” Shares many great ways to inspire you on shop design.

geometric mosaic tile patterns for causal cafe flooring

Featured product: TR2-MWG-DD02C geometric mosaic tile patterns for causal cafe flooring


Live The Geometric Life

Think gray is boring? Think again! You can play with gray in pattern. The geometric floor stands out against the wardrobe as an unique backdrop, adding visual interest to the room below.

Upgrade Your living room with gray geometric tiles and gray wardrobe for a fresh look. You can also use hues with strong contrast for a more graphic appearance. The striking red sofa lends a modern look, and the rug adds texture to the gray interior.

geometric mosaic floor tiles for modern living room decor

Featured product: TR2-CL-R geometric mosaic floor tiles for modern living room decor


Gray Made Cheerful

The summit gray on floor won’t look dreary thanks to the triangle pattern. The room in a cool hue is balanced with warm neutrals introduced on the wood table set and golden ceiling light. Vase of flower and fresh fruits add a cheery note to the dining space. And the shade on the wall is light works wonderfully to warm up the space in a way that white walls cannot. The entire space is inviting, not stuffy.

gray triangle mosaic floor tile for neutral dining room decor

Featured product: TR2-MG gray triangle mosaic floor tile for neutral dining room decor


Add Personality To Your Shop

To enhance your shop style, light gray painting wall is an ideal backdrop for a piece of art furniture, like the fashion shop below. These abstract clothes hangers are a great way to catch customers’ eyes, and save many spaces. The geometric floor pattern balances the cool tone and adds depth to the floor.

The fashion shop is given personality through the gray hue and geometric flooring, and do not overlook those important details. For example, you can have some knick-knacks such as books and plants, which can be helpful to bring the space back to life!

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gray geometric shape mosaic for neutral fashion shop decor

Featured product: TR2-MWG-DD02H gray geometric shape mosaic for neutral fashion shop decor


Feel Inspired?

Gray can fits all styles of architectures and decorations, if you are looking for the best neutral for your home improvement, it won’t be wrong to choose a gray palette. We would like to hear your gray interior design ideas and welcome to share your story below.

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