Not everybody has a big house with big kitchen, most people has a kitchen of limited space. While bigger is not always better, sometimes a smaller kitchen is much more effective that a large one. What can you do with your small kitchen? A great kitchen should be livable and enjoyable, that requires every component in your kitchen should be excellently planned and designed. Today we are going to share some genius decoration ideas to keep your tiny kitchen functional and beautiful. Read on and make it come true.

Keep It Uncluttered

A kitchen of clutter will definitely look terrible and seems smaller, this is why you do not have enough storage. Firstly and simply, just pare down your kitchen, go through your cabinet and drawer, find and clear out things that are not useful and necessary for you. Remember to take good use of your drawers, differ from cupboard, once things are piled up, it will cause a cluttered cooking space. While if you not have a drawer for your kitchen, it is advisable to buy one, as rows of drawers look elegant and well-organized even its content is not.

small kitchen design ideas-keep it unclutter

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Be Creative

The Creativity should be the key to design your small kitchen nice. You don’t need to decorate each inch creative, opt for a new-style tile for floor can make it out! The floor finished with blossom geometric tiles makes the right style statement and a bold look to the space. It will draw people’s attention and you won’t notice the kitchen space is limited. Here, pattern tile flooring, dark cabinets, glossy shaped tile backsplash, silver coffeemaker makes the tiny cooking space feel luxurious and artistic!

small kitchen design ideas-be creative

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Go White

Whiter makes brighter! The white cabinet and white tiling back splash create a clean and modern aesthetic to the kitchen, making it appear larger than it actually is. The dark countertop is a good choice, it is stain-resistant, easy to clean and adds contrast to the white cabinet and backsplash. We do really like how the microwave oven placed, it absolutely save much space!

small kitchen design ideas-go white

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Work In Wood

Do not swear off the wood, which can make the kitchen more blended into the rest of the house. Example like below, the wood cabinet feels much more grounded and more like furniture than cabinet. Wood cabinet is popular due to its unique character and natural look.

small kitchen design ideas-work in wood

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Choose A Gallery Kitchen

A gallery kitchen is getting common in the urban apartment, this type of kitchen is tend to be cavelike, it is suggested to ditch the upper cabinets and replace it with shelves, which can be helpful to open the space up. It is a good idea to place those tall storage or bulk items you don’t use often in your pantry area rather than on the counter. It is important to choose the color scheme for it, you can blend light and dark tone like below. Keep your cabinet in a dark material and the upper shelves in a lighter color even the white color to connect it more closed to the ceiling. The diamond tile back splash has also helped to brighten the space.

small kitchen design ideas-choose a gallery kitchen

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Keep It Classic

You’ve got one more reason to love subway tiling from the example below. Paving it horizontally all around your kitchen from splash back to wall, it can easily make the space feel wider. The neutral dark and white color combo creates a classic look and never out of style!

small kitchen design ideas-keep it classic

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Install Pendant Lights

The big reason to have amazing pieces of pendant lighting is that makes people definitely won’t notice how large or tiny your kitchen is! Adding a row of striking pendent lights can help to brighten up the entire kitchen and bring warmth to the space. We are loving the white cabinet, white countertop going glossy to make the surface more reflective, which can make the space feel larger. That heart pattern kitchen backsplash feels so sweet and adds big feature!

small kitchen design ideas-install pendant lights

Featured product: heart pattern triangle mosaic for kitchen backsplash TR2-SH-GW-B


Include More Cabinets

The following tiny kitchen is organized strategically with extra cabinets as much as possible, and it won’t feel depressed. This idea is highly recommended for those who has many bulk items in kitchen. You’ve got enough storage cabinet, you can classify your items and keep them together that belong together, and you can easily find them at next time. The color of cabinet in dark-gray with gold feels noble and level up the whole space.

small kitchen design ideas-include more cabinets

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Expose Your Tableware

Your don’t have to keep everything white in a tiny kitchen, choosing a dark tone also can give you a big surprise! The gradient dark subway tiling makes unique look and the gray-wooden cabinet adds texture to the space. The light-wooden open shelving is paired well, adds contrasts and provides necessary storage. The tableware is displayed on the shelves in a neat way, you can easily get the plate you want.

small kitchen design ideas-expose your tableware

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Take Good Use Of Counter Area

If you don’t have room for a nook in your kitchen, do not overlook your countertop, it can become a cute pass-through to connect your cooking space and dining area. The countertop can work as a dining spot as well as food-prep area, you can add seating like barstools and take the best of the counter area for casual dining time or morning coffee. We also love the geometric tiling way in the space, from backsplash to floor, the combo of green color and chevron pattern adds movement and make it lively.

small kitchen design ideas-take good use of counter area

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Feel Inspire?

Hope you can find ways to make the most of your small kitchen and turn it into the cooking space of your dreams. If you have nice ideas for small kitchen project, welcome to comment below and share with ANT.TILE.

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