Christmas is fast-arriving! That means most people is busy decorating their house for this big holiday, the most wonderful time of this year! Whether you are into a traditional decor or something more out there, we believe that you will find something to make your spirit merry, bright and beautiful. And today we want to share a nice space that successfully sets the holiday mood, example by one of our customers “@MELMITCHIA”. We are certain that you will fall in love with their space and get the most festive Christmas decoration ideas for home. Now read on and get inspiration!

No Christmas Tree, No Christmas

Christmas tree must be the focal point in your house during the holiday, @melmitchia have styles of beautiful Christmas trees in their space, If you are not-so evergreen, you would absolutely love their tree.

Choose snow-color ornaments for your unique Christmas tree to skip the traditional red and green one. You can purchase some silver round balls, warm twinkle lights and mini animal ornaments like owls to hand on your tree like @melmitchia, with these picks, you are sure to have the most excellent trimmed Christmas tree in this year.

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There is no doubt that the blue Christmas tree in the center of living room will draw your attention, which looks so fresh and fantastic! You don’t have to go all-out with festive cheer, match the Christmas tree to the rest of your room’ decor will give a big surprise to you. The entire living room design sends a feel of art and noble, no one won’t like this space, and it will make each guest “wow” after they enter the room .

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What about this one? The gray and silver Christmas tree in the bedroom is filling with full of silver snowflakes, beaded icicles, and gray baubles, making a winter wonderland for your family.

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Build A Festive Fireplace

Fireplace must be one of the best spot for decoration and stockings, where usually you can find Christmas gifts there. If you have a fireplace in your house, now it is time to decorate it for more warmth for the holiday in the cold winter season. It is a best idea to have some Christmas stockings dangling from the mantel, and put some small gift inside the stockings, each member of the family should get his or her own stocking, that way, the whole family can join in on the fun. Moreover, you can placing some mini Christmas trees and wreath to decorate this fireplace to give Santa a warmer welcome!

Build A Festive Fireplace_ christmas decoration ideas for home


Have Fun With Many Santas

Santa, another classic feature of Christmas, you can find it everywhere. It is a nice idea to bring element of Santa into your decoration. @melmitchia prepared a stack of mini Santas, that looks so cute and all kids will be excited about this. You can place Santa in each corner of your house, and play a game named “ FIND SANTA” with your kids, this will surely make your Christmas much more enjoyable!

Have Fun With Many Santas_ christmas decoration ideas for home (1) Have Fun With Many Santas_ christmas decoration ideas for home (2)


Bring Christmas To The Table

Dress up the dining room table plays a very important part of this big holiday. The decoration and color-palettes of your Christmas table is sure to impress your guests when they sit down for dinner. @melmitchia does something unexpected by dressing the table in a warm and cozy vibe. The vase of pinecone tree on the center of table adds green and become a festive centerpieces in this space. The white-sliver tableware with blue patterned napkins looks perfect, those small silver ornaments on plates increase the holiday spirit. And we really love those ceiling lamps, they works wonderfully to send warm and create a comfortable atmosphere for guests to chat over.

Bring Christmas To The Table_ christmas decoration ideas for home


Bring Cheer Into Your Bedroom

Never give up the ship if you have a black bedroom and still have no idea to go with it for a Christmas theme. Christmas is not always red, green, gold and white. Take a look at @melmitchia’s black bedroom and you will get inspired for your project. If you have a black backdrop (tiling with ant.tiles 2 black triangular wall tiles) like @melmitchia, congratulate that this black wall will help your Christmas decor more prominent and easier.

Bring Cheer Into Your Bedroom_ christmas decoration ideas for home (1)

Hanging a holiday wall picture or a wreath can make a statement to the room, and please don’t overlook the decoration of bedside table, where you can place some mini ornaments to make your bedroom festive right away. Ornaments such as small snowy pinecone tree, deer art craft, candles are great choice, they are small size, which is easy for kids to decorate and simpler to clear up after the holiday finishes.   

Bring Cheer Into Your Bedroom_ christmas decoration ideas for home(3) Bring Cheer Into Your Bedroom_ christmas decoration ideas for home (2)

Buy some throw pillows with snowflake pattern to gives a hint of winter season.

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Deck Out Your Bathroom

A bit of greenery is all your dark-tone bathroom need, especially if your bathroom has limited space, and pinecone tree is a good option. And you know, little step also can make big effect, the hand towels with Christmas pattern on the wall makes the bathroom cheery in a lovely way.

Deck Out Your Bathroom_ christmas decoration ideas for home


Style Your Kitchen Shelves For Christmas

You don’t have to go bold to remodel your kitchen for Christmas. Keeping it neutral and just making small change on your shelves can make it festive. @melmitchia’s kitchen work top definitely gets envy, this little spot easily send the touch of holiday by putting some ornament on the shelves, those angel artworks give a voice “ peace on earth”, structuring a peaceful space for the house. Really like this place!

Style Your Kitchen Shelves For Christmas_christmas decoration ideas for home

Get Inspired?

Hope you can get great Christmas decoration ideas for your home from this post. And we are glad to hear from you about your Christmas decoration story, welcome to share with us below.

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