Kaleidoscope design as one of the most popular pattern in our new collection, can create timeless beauty and add style to your space project. We are showing you how to use it, keep reading to learn more about this tile design and get inspiration for your next projects.

1. Flooring Your Balcony

Flooring your balcony with classic kaleiscope pattern geometric tiles

Tile shown: Classic – Kaleidoscope TR2-CL-KS

Each house needs a great balcony design. This kaleidoscope pattern rendering in black, gray and white color in our classic series works perfectly to build a stylish and unique flooring. Your home won’t go wrong with such a beautiful and geometric balcony.

2. Build A Great Bedroom Vibe

Create a great bedroom vibe with blue mountain kaleidoscope pattern geometric tile

Tile shown: Blue Mountain – Kaleidoscope TR2-BLM-KS

Kaleidoscope pattern comes in Lattice, Uncertain gray and Gale force in 2” triangle tiles would be a great choice to add a fresh look to any spaces. This tile pattern looks so so fabulous when used on wall, it is absolutely unique for you and your home.

3. Tiling The Whole Wall

Tiling your kitchen wall with kaleidoscope pattern geometric tiles

Tile shown: Chino Hill – Kaleidoscope TR2-CH-KS

Composed of 3 special colors Antique white, Cornwall slate and Ripe olive, this kaleidoscope pattern comes from our Chino Hill collection. This tile creates a really incredible look when covering the whole wall. It is so eye-catching and you can easily make a statement wall for your kitchen and any rooms.

Featured Product

TR2-CL-KS geometric triangle tiles

1/ TR2-CL-KS (black, gray, white)

TR2-BLM-KS geometric triangle tiles

2/ TR2-BLM-KS (lattice, uncertain gray, gale force)

TR2-CH-KS geometric triangle tiles

3/ TR2-CH-KS (antique white, cornwall slate, ripe olive)

Kaleidoscope design is versatile for different decoration styles. If you have got inspiration and want to take this tile pattern into your space, welcome to get a sample and best price from us now. For more geometric tile design for both residential and commerical decoration project, head over to our shop now page.

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