Today we are going to share you 5 amazing outdoor swimming pool designs for luxury resort, where we’d love to take a dip in and spend our summer right now!

These outdoor swimming pools are so awesome and in unique design with unusual location and artistic pool tiles patterns. Take a look and get inspired for your next swimming pool projects! Enjoy Now!

Chevron swimming pool mosaic tiles

Featured at: TR-SA-CV2

This rectangle swimming pond is added characters with our popular chevron pattern pool mosaic tile, eye-catching and dynamic in a strong visual effect. Do not overlook that inground hot tub for spa, which plays perfectly to dress up the pool.

2'' triangle artistic ribbon pool mosaic design for resort hotel pool

Featured at: TR-SA-R

This infinity swimming pool finished with our ribbon pool tiles goes at a creative way and add geometric look to the bottom. Cozy lounger is a must have for every pool, it is functional and decorative.

2'' triangle artistic square mosaic tiles for resort swimming pool

Featured at: TR-SA-SQ

That’s so Hawaii and holiday vibe! The padding swimming pool in irregular shape goes at a natural style! With palm trees, pavilion, beautiful seascape, i just want to spend my whole summer days here!

Blossom pattern artistic swimming pool tiles

Featured at: TR-SA-TBL2

You don’t have to decide your pool shape urgently. The pool shape can depends on the resort’s outdoor living space and surroundings. This big-size swimming pool features a stylish artistic bottom tile in blossom pattern, with numbers of greet trees to create a tropical vibe here. We love it, and you?

2'' triangle artistic swimming mosaic tiles for pool

Featured at: TR-SA-TWM

The feel of ocean is here! This Windmill pattern pool tiles are perfect for a seaside swim pond design, which livens up the entire space in easy way. Lying down on the lounger, feeling the soft sea breeze, enjoy now!

These swimming pools from ANT.TILE have create a paradise for all swimmers. Welcome to share your ideas of your coming pool projects. And get a free quote on Santorini series of blue swimming pool tiles from us now!

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