There is no doubt that a tiled backsplash design is going to make a statement to your bathroom, kitchen, and any other interior designs. Whatever material you choose for your backsplash design, tiles tend to be the most popular choice now, for its versatile in style, design and application. We are showing you 5 stunning backsplash design you home needs, done with bold and interesting pattern. Prepare to get inspired and good ideas to your home decorations.

Build A LOVE Theme

This warm kitchen of a love backsplash is nothing short of stunning! The compositon of white cabinets, warming lighting, the sparkling wine and heart pattern backsplash tile, creates a modern kitchen filled with neatness and refinement!

make a love theme with heart pattern triangle tiles mosaic

Take A Nifty Element to It

I do love a white kitchen, white wall, white cabinet and white backsplash design, for it is simple and spacious. However, i have changed my mind after the remodel of my kitchen backsplash. Look at those dancing windmill! They are so nifty and liven up the whole space! The black backsplash tile has make a strong contrast with the white surroundings. That is impressive and greatly visual!

Take A Nifty Element to It. in windmill black white triangle tile

Use A Bold Pattern

With some bold patterns, our geometric triangle tile feels absolutely modern and unique when paired with wood flooring, simple tablewares, grey-white wall painting and soft lighting. Use a bold pattern for a wow-factor for kitchen!

Use A Bold Pattern with geometric triangle tile

When Black Meets White

Black and white is popular in design. When black meets white, it makes classic. This Multi Windmill Series is so playful and eye-catching to your backsplash design! They are not boring, when work with a geometric motif, black and white are reborn to make your home decoration at a noble style!

Black white kitchen backsplash tiles

To Evoke Your Nice Memory

Sweet home full of beautiful memory! Our Hourglass Series offers an interesting and artistic hourglass pattern, which is the symbol of love, friendship and happiness. Time goes by, while beautiful things can be reserved. Your sweet home is built!

hourglass triangle tile mosaic

We glad to hear what inspires you in home design! If you want to get more backsplash mosaic tile design and ideas, welcome to contact us freely.

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