What do you think about black and white tiles? Most of time, less is more! Keeping simple with these two colors will make a big statement to your home. Some people think black and white is too old-fashioned, while actually the two-tone is classic and never out-of-date. Moreover, when black meets white, that can be trendy and stylish in home makeover. Following are 5 stylish ways to use black and white tiles in your home!

1. Black and White Windmill

Small space can win a great visual effect with great designs! This windmill pattern triangle tile is really popular among our clients, which is nifty and dynamic to liven up any spaces.

TR2-MW-MW-B Black white windmill pattern triangle mosaic tiles

Tile Shown: Windmill Series TR2-MW-MW-B

2. Black and White Diamond

Our diamond pattern triangle tile paired with artistic painting picture and fresh flower can make a sophisticated and luxury look to your home entry. This look allows your wall accent really eye-catching!

TR2-SD-MW-B black white diamond pattern triangle mosaic tile

Tile Shown: Diamond Series TR2-SD-MW-B

3. Black and White Heart

One of the best way to build a sweet house is to use lovely elements. Heart pattern triangle tile is sure to add “LOVE” to your home, bringing a touch of elegance and charm to any interior designs.

TR1-SH-MW-B black white heart pattern triangle mosaic tile

Tile Shown: Heart Series TR1-SH-MW-B

4. Pure White

Choose the white for your decor color will never make mistake. Pure white is widely used in home decoration and everybody likes it. Our 1’’ pure white triangle mosaic tile used on wall cladding has created a comfortable living room for your friends and family to relax.  

TR1-MW pure white triangle mosaic tile wall decoration

Tile Shown: Pure White TR1-MW

5. Matte Black

2’’ matte black triangle mosaic tile is another good selling item at ANT.TILE, widely used in interior flooring, adding dimensionality and depth to any space design. A matte tile finish is non-slip and wear-resistant enough, perfect for kitchen and bathroom decoration.

TR2-MB pure black triangle mosaic tile interior flooring

Tile Shown: Pure Black TR2-MB

Have you got something new ideas for black and white tiles? For more tile inspiration, head to our blog for more interesting posts. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are in market for our triangle tile designs.  

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