When it comes to wall design and bedroom decor, choosing a black wall decor can be stressful. Black can be a beautiful and bold color if you use it in a proper way, building an airy and bright bedroom space, making you space come alive and calm you down. Today we are showing you how to decorate your bathroom with black walls. Read on and get inspiration for your next bathroom remodeling plan.

1. Create A Sweet Bedside Corner

Do not ignore those small areas and try to take good use of it. Equipped with a black nightstand to work with your cool wall decor, a simple table lamp, a vase of flower, one picture you like and some knick-knacks to create a small beautiful place for adding highlights to your bedroom.

TR2-MWB-DD03C_black wall decor for bedroom

Featured product: Magic Cube Series White Mixed Black TR2-MWB-DD03C

2. Use A Creative Tile Pattern

Black wall design can be also creative and interesting if you use a tile in bold design. Our multi-windmill geometric mosaic design has made a statement to your interior wall. The tile pattern is dynamic and nifty, which is about to add movement and features to your bedroom wall.

TR12-MW-GB-W_black bedroom wall decor

Featured product: Multi-Windmill Triangle Tiles TR12-MW-GB-W

3. Have Cozy Bedding

Comfortable bedding is basic furniture for a good bedroom, which will give you a sweet dream. This pink bedding collocated with the black triangle wall has built a Nordic-Style bedroom, it is simple and warm.

TR2-MB_geometric tile black bedroom wall tiles

Product featured: Classic Black Matte Triangle Tiles TR2-MB

4. Play With The Light

Let the light in and you will get the amazing effect, this bedroom have showed you perfectly. The heart-pattern black wall is sparkling under the bright light and LED lighting on the ceiling. The black wall has become the focus in the white space.

TR2-SH-GB-W_bedroom decor ideas with black wall design

Product featured: White Mixed Black Heart Pattern Triangle Tile TR2-SH-GB-W

5. Paint Your Wall Black

Creating your bedroom with a whole new look by a high-quality painting. Preparation work plays vital part in the process, cleaning the walls, taping off unpainted areas, patching holes and use big cloth to protect the floor and furniture. It is not recommended to paint the entire wall, just go for one wall at the bed head, paint the ceiling white and tiled the floor black, that will not make too much drama and you black wall will look nice.

TR2-UB_bedroom decor black tiled floor and black painting wall

Product featured: Iron Ore Full Body Triangle Tile TR2-UB

6. Add A Book Shelf

Installing a book shelf on the wall is a great way if your bedroom space is limited. Choose a pure white bookshelf to make contrast to the black wall, and choose a study table features the same white color as well. The bedroom arranged in a clean and subtle way, your children would love it and live comfortably.

TR2-SD-UB-G_3d effect black bedroom wall tiles geometric pattern

Featured product: Single Diamond Full Body Triangle Tile TR2-SD-UB-G

7. Build Your Home Theater

Install a large television on your black wall and have sound equipment, and you can have your private small cinema in your bedroom. Lying in your cozy bedding and choose a good movie for your family and enjoyable weekend.

TR1-MB_black triangle mosaic tiled wall decor for bedroom

Featured product: Classic Pure Black Triangle Tile TR1-MB

Using dark on wall is a fantastic way to keep your bedroom chic and sophisticated. We would like to know if these ideas inspired you in your next bedroom project. Comment below and let us know what you think. For more interior design and trends, welcome to focus on our blog page. Ant.Tile is gonna shares you more good ideas of interior decoration.

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