Small living spaces are getting more and more prevailing in contemporary house. In a home of limited space, people need to make good use of every possible space. When it comes to interior space design, try to highlight  specific aspects to those smaller rooms such as bathroom. Taking some out-of-box ideas and a suitably bold design, you can create a visually stunning and functional space.

Today we share a series of stunning bathroom designs, that are built compactly in small spaces, but stylishly stand out with our creative geometric tiles and distinctive factors. Keep reading and have a closer look to find inspiration for your next project.

1. Use Creative Tiles

Tile is a popular choice to brighten a up bathroom and make it look more spacious. Be brave and use creative tile in bold patterns, adding bright spots to the small bathroom. Ant.Tile supplies a variety of creative geometric mosaic tiles to choose from, fitting different home styles.

TR2-CH-L_use creative tile for bathroom decor wall covering

Tile shown: Chino Hill 2″ Diagonal TR2-CH-L

2. Big Mirror On The Wall

In a more narrow space, a big mirror can create the appearance of large space immediately! After furnishing a big mirror, the space has been extended! What better place to add a big mirror than a bathroom!

TR2-CH-BL2_Big Mirror On The Wall_bathroom design ideas with geometric tiles

Tile shown: Chino Hill 2″ Blossom TR2-CH-BL2

TR2_MB_Big Mirror On The Wall_bathroom design ideas with geometric tiled flooring

Tile shown: 2″ Classic Black Matte TR2-MB

3. Add Focal Piece To Wall

Adding a focal piece by tiling a half-wall with our unique diamond pattern or heart pattern mosaic tile, can make an illusion that the bathroom is bigger, because it draws your attention to this area. In addition to the creative tiles, an artistic picture can also highlight the wall.

TR2-MD-GW-B_Add Focal Piece To Wall_bathroom design with geometric tiled wall

Tile shown: 2″ Glossy Multi Diamond TR2-MD-GW-B

TR1-SH-GW-B_Add Focal Piece To Wall_bathroom design with geometric tiled wall

Tile shown: 1″ Glossy Single Heart Pattern TR1-SH-GW-B

4. A Mix of Texture Adds Space

To make the bathroom look larger, it is an effective way to use different textures and materials. Like the bathroom below, the combo of dynamic geometric tiles, wood, glass and warm lighting has enhanced the space.

TR2-MWG-DD07A_4.An Mix of Texture Adds Space_bathroom geometric tiled floor

  Tile shown: 2″ Grey White Time Tunnel Series TR2-MWG-DD07A

5. Choose A White Hue

White is a good color to make a bathroom brighter and feel more spacious than it is. Covering the wall with white subway tile or flooring it with our 2”classic white triangle tiles will expand the bath space visually.

TR2-MW_Choose a white hue_bathroom design with white geometric tiled floor

  Tile shown: 2″ Classic White Matte TR2-MW

6. Let the Light In

Opening a big window and let the natural light in! This can create an airy feel to your space and brighten up each nook. More and more homeowners like to install a French window in their house, providing good lighting and a wide view, it actually saves your cost on decorating project.

TR2-BLM-R_Let the natural light in_bathroom design geometric tiled flooring

Tile shown: Blue Mountain 2″ Ribbon TR2-BLM-R

TR2-CL-TSQ_Let the light in_bathroom design with geometric tile floor

Tile shown: 2″ Classic Twist Square TR2-CL-TSQ

7. Utilize The Nook

Do not overlook those nooks and corners, it is a good situation where a water closet installed. Adding creative and decorative features, like a windmill tiling wall and green plant, will make the small place lively.

Utilize the nook_bathroom design geometric tiled wall

Tile shown: 1″ Matte Single Windmill Pattern TR1-SW-MW-B

8. Less Furnishings

Less is more! A big bathtub, a shower and wash basin, that is the bathroom I want. The black-white hue and simple furniture create a classic look to the space. It is modern and wont go out of style!

TR1-MW-MW-B_less furnish_bathroom design geometric tiled floor

Tile shown: 1″ Matte Multi Windmill TR1-MW-MW-B

You know that Small bathroom can be cozy and create a private world for you. After reading the above bathroom design ideas, we hope that bathroom design will be less difficult for you now. We welcome you to share your ideas with us and if you are interested in our geometric tile product used in these bathroom, feel free to contact us for a quote.

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