Patterned tile is becoming a staple for home decoration, which is a great choice to install an unique home space. Ant.Tile is specialized in producing creative geometric pattern tile, a special product line of triangle mosaic tiles for both residential and commerical use. Today we are sharing a series of our favorite diamond pattern tile to twinkle your home space. Take a closer look and get inspiration.

A Dramatic Backsplash 

A stunning backsplash can make a statement to your kitchen space. Our multi diamond tiles have structured a dramatic look to your kitchen backsplash.

Black and white diamond tile for dramatic kitchen backsplash

Featured product: 1 black and white diamond tile TR1-MD-GW-B 


A Small Artistic Library

Building a small library is a big right investment to your home. Our geometric tile art features a modern black-white color and an eye-catching diamond pattern, bringing you an aesthetic wall decor. A simple storage bookshelf can help to keep your space clean and creates more spaces. It does not work only for books placement, the top is available for something decoration. Look at room below, the two abstract drawings enhance the artistic vibe.

Black white diamond shaped tile for artistic small library

Featured product: 1 black white single diamond shaped tile TR1-SD-GB-W


Add Highlights To Small Bathroom

One of the best way to make your small bathroom seem more spacious is to have an amazing flooring. I have our black white geometric mosaic tile with diamond motif for my bathroom floor decor, it makes the space so different, and you cannot move your eyes awat from the floor.

Add highlights to your bathroom floor with black white diamond shaped mosaic tile

Featured product: 2 black white diamond shaped mosaic tile TR2-MD-MW-B

The diamond tiling wall has attracted all your attention, even you don’ t tiling the whole wall. The patterned tile install a featured wall, emphasizing the bathroom style.

Install a featured wall with black white diamond shaped ceramic tile

Featured product: 2 black white diamond shaped ceramic tile TR2-MD-GW-B


A Cozy Bedroom

Only when you have a comfortable bedroom, can you have a sweet dream. Your bedroom can be practical and beautiful with this white tile with black diamond pattern. Example as below.

white tile with black diamond pattern for cozy bedroom

Featured product: 2 triangle white tile with black diamond TR2-SD-GW-B


A Good Entryway Welcome You Home

Your entryway will make the first impression of your home to your guest. The single diamond pattern mosaic tile installs an graceful and luxury wall to your entryway, which builds your home style in subtle way.

install a luxury entryway wall with diamond pattern mosaic tile

Featured product: 2 diamond pattern triangle tile TR2-SD-MW-B


Swag Floor

Floor decor is one of the most important part in home renovation. Especially for kitchen floor, that requires something more stylish to make the space lively, for you will spend much time here. Your kitchen space should provide you a nice cooking place so that you will enjoy your cooking time. As a traffic area, the floor must be wear-resistant and non-slip, your flooring can be functional and swag with this black white diamond tiles.

have swag floor with black white diamond tiles

Featured product: 2 black white diamond tile TR2-SD-MB-W


Feeling Inspired?

Hope you can get ideas from this post and welcome to comment below to share what inspired you. These diamond pattern tiles can refresh your home in a different way. If you want to use it in your next home remodeling project, do not hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you shortly.

Ant.Tile is committed to supply innovative modern geometric tile for sale, an unique product line helps you to add personality and values to your space.

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