Where do you get your interior design inspiration? Inspirations can strike anywhere, anytime of life. How to build an inspiring space? Following are some effective steps to turn inspiration into design guidance for your next residential and commercial project!

  1. Where to Decorate

The first step of building an inspiring space is to decide which space you want to let your inspiration take root. Kitchen, bathroom, living room, or just a small corner of floors and walls. Choose a theme for your whole house, as attracting that can be. It is wonderful to keep an inspired decoration to one room of the whole house.

  1. What Color to Choose

Your inspirations should not only have some pictures and decorative knick-knacks. Make sure what color has inspired you, and choose one or two for your inspired space design. If you want a vintage style to your home, then picking a shade of black and white tiles to bring inspiration to life.

  1. Choose A Tile Design Pattern

After you have decided the space and color, it is time to pick a mosaic tiles pattern. A right mosaic or tile patterns are going to create a wonderful vide to home.

Get Collections of Stunning Space Inspiration by ANT.TILE

  • Views of diamonds and windmills are brought into a playful wall design with our TR2-UWB-DD02L. The open-air style, the creative tile patterns take anybody into a funny space.

TR2-UWB-DD02L triangle tile mosaic for wall accents design

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  • Just want to bring a feel of nature to my house, so I choose ANT.TILE’s TR2-MWB-DD02G in blossom series for flooring, it is obvious that it does great job and works perfectly with those green plants and surroundings. That is the hue what I want!

TR2-MWB-DD02G tringle tile mosaic for floor design

More Projects about Floors

  • A white bathroom is never out-of-date and everybody loves it. Letting a simple theme take over your bathroom to the whole house. And it is one of the best way to choose white mosaic tiles for covering. It is also nice to take a hanging picture for decoration.

TR2-MW_7 white triangle tile mosaic for bathroom design

More Projects about Bathroom

  • Choose a creative tile pattern for flooring to liven up the whole kitchen, although the space is small. A customized countertop, quality wooden cabinets and artistic knick-knacks, a small kitchen can be warm and bright in subtle way.

TR2-MWG-DD02M triangle tile mosaica for kitchen design

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If you are get inspired for your next project, welcome to share your ideas with us now. Chat to us today if you wanna have our artistic triangle shaped mosaic tiles in your design architectures.

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