Chevron tile pattern uses tiles with angled ends to create an inverted “V” shape and popularly paired with contrasting color to create alternating strips. The chevron tile pattern is an unique and trendy choice for interior home decoration from wall, backsplash to flooring.

ANT.TILE’s Chevron design composed of triangle tiles wins high popularity from our customers for they add interest and value to any spaces. We are showing you some of our favourite chevron, hope you get home ideas for this captivating patterns.  

A Two-Color Tone Chevron

We take two-color tone for chevron design, different from pure color chevron, our black-white or grey-white chevron pattern creates a stronger visual effect, adding movement with fluent lines, featuring 2’’ triangle mosaic chips in matte surface process.  

two-color tone chevron tile pattern

We love our black-white chevron tile used on the wall design, building an unique and cozy bathroom vibe!

TR2-MWB-DD06A chevron tile pattern for bathroom wall design

Tile shown: Time Tunnel Series 2’’ Triangle TR2-MWB-DD06A

The gray-white chevron tile is perfect to make your wall design elegant, this small corner has made statement to your house!

TR2-MWG-DD06A chevron tile pattern for entrance wall design

Tile shown: Time Tunnel Series 2’’ Triangle TR2-MWG-DD06A

This shape and pattern can go to work in commercial projects, such as the fresh restaurant.

TR2-MWG-DD06A chevron tile pattern for commercial restaurant wall design

Tile shown: Time Tunnel Series 2’’ Triangle TR2-MWG-DD06A

A Staggered Chevron

Get inspired from Time Tunnel, ANT.TILE also take two contrasting color for one “V” shape to create a staggered design, which will add geometry beauty to any spaces.  

staggered chevron tile patterns

Do not overlook your entrance, a place plays important role in your home style, guests get the first impression for your home from it!

TR2-MWB-DD05A chevron tile pattern for entrance wall design

Tile shown: Time Tunnel Series 2’’Triangle TR2-MWB-DD05A

We glad to see how the homeowners choose to feature the pattern in a warm tone for bedroom.  

TR2-MWG-DD06B chevron tile pattern for bedroom wall design

Tile shown: Time Tunnel Series 2’’ Triangle TR2-MWG-DD06B

An Artistic Chevron

You should not miss ANT Artistic collection, you will get big inspiration from these stylish geometric art tiles for your project design. Among which, the artistic chevron is well received by our customers. This time we take 3 colors in the same scheme for it, the pattern works great to add dimension and depth to interior design. And your home can be an artistic home.  

TR-SA-CV2 santorini pool tile blue

Featured Product: Santorini Pool Tile TR-SA-CV2

If you want to make a break to your swimming pool design, this tile pattern will help you a lot. Composed of 3 blue shades and 2’’ triangle mosaic tiles in creative pattern, the bottom of your swimming pool can stand out, more inviting and valuable!

TR-SA-CV2 chevron pattern swimming pool tiles

Tile shown: Santorini Pool Tile TR-SA-CV2

The Blue mixed triangle chevron tiled floor has created a simple and graceful living room for you. I do love this floor design, which pairs with the blue sofa and wood desk perfectly.  

TR2-BLM-CV chevron pattern geometric tile living room floor design

Tile shown: Blue Mountain Chevron TR2-BLM-CV

From backsplash to floor covering, this pattern works its magic in a playful, unique way.

TR2-CH-CV chevron pattern geometric tile kitchen backsplash floor design

Tile shown: Chino Hill Chevron TR2-CH-CV

What are a bold floor tile? Choose our Classic Chevron geometric tile, as they are used in the bathroom below.

TR2-CL-CV chevron pattern geometric tile bathroom flooring

Tile shown: Classic Chevron TR2-CL-CV

Is the chevron pattern right for you? Welcome to get a free quote if you want to take it for your coming project, and we will get back to you shortly. If you have no idea to select a triangular ceramic tiles pattern, head to our tile inspiration and you may get the answer you want!  

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