Spending your holiday in Chino Hill, California and feel the beautiful landscape, ANT.TILE has got full inspiration and make new design in Chino Hill Collection.

Nice Place, Stylish Color

It’s a fresh take on color, Antique white, Cornwall slate, and Ripe olive, featuring 2’’ porcelain triangles and matte finish.

chino hill color triangle tile

To Make your Chino Hill Style

  1. Get Your Attention

All the kitchen backsplash takes is the cornwall slate matte triangle tiles, using repetitive motif to make a geometric look to design. Good color, good shape, this geometric tile pattern is functional and nice-looking, building a interior space feel just right.

TR2-CH-P1 triangle geometric tile backsplash kitchen

Tile shown at: TR2-CH-P1

  1. Use A Bold Color

Ripe olive is a special and bold color for interior design, with a matte finish, it is ideal for flooring covering. To highlight your bathroom with this color, warm hue and have timeless appeal.

TR2-CH-P2 geometric floor tile designs

Tile shown at: TR2-CH-P2

  1. Antique Neutral

A geometric triangle tile pattern in antique white is always an awesome choice for decor. The neutral hue are anything but basic, would be trendy and everlasting design for modern living room.

TR2-CH-P3 geometric pattern wall tile design

Tile Shown at: TR2-CH-P3

Go for an inside look of these 3 featured tile patterns:

TR2-CH-P3 2'' triangle tile antique white matte

2’’ triangle antique white

TR2-CH-P1 2'' triangle tile cornwall slate matte

2’’ triangle cornwall slate matte

TR2-CH-P2 2'' triangle tile ripe olive matte

2’’ triangle ripe olive matte

Want more breaking patterns for residential and commercial project? Chat us today and we will go back to you shortly.

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