I love Single cycle once falling in love with one song. When it comes to home decoration, are you love to use one tile in both wall and floor covering? Some people say no, for it is easy for them to get aesthetic fatigue in one tile.

However, I want to say, we will get a child-in-a-candy-shop sense when we see a floor-to-wall geometric design. We are showing you some of our geometric tile going floor-to-wall in interior design, so different to make a statement to your home, breaking your old opinions in the tiling way.

Keep It The Same Color Tone

To much colors make you dazzling. When you choose an geometric artistic tile, what you need to do is to choose the same hue for the whole space design. Have it in both wall and floor, ANT.TILE’s blossom mosaic tile pattern in shades of green adds sense of depth and characters to this bathroom. It is integral and stylish, makes a strong visual feast.

Keep It The Same Color Tone, Geometric art tile triangle mosaic bathroom design

Tile shown: Chino Hill Twist Blossom TR2-CH-TBL1

A Panorama Visual Effect

Letting your tile going floor-to-wall, it is a great way to make your home look more spacious, especially if your space is limited, that would be your best option and you won’t go wrong! Look at the following bathroom design, your shower time is never dull any more!

A Panorama Visual Effect, geometric artistic tile bathroom design

Tile Shown: Huntington Beach TR2-UWB-DD07B

Create An Wonder Balcony

Everybody loves decorative tile pattern, from flooring to wall seamlessly, we love the unique effect by our artistic tile blossom design, it is so wonderful for every new morning!

Create An Wonder Balcony, geometric artistic tile mosaic

Tile Shown: Blossom Series TR2-MWB-DD09A

Charming Blue Hue

Blue is charming when used in bedroom and living room. With this interesting wall and floor art design, a hanger, a green plant, you got a inspiring bedroom.

Charming Blue Hue, artistic tile for bedroom design

Tile Shown: Blue Mountain Twist Blossom TR2-BLM-TBL1

We’d like to hear what inspired you! Welcome to contact us for more floor design and wall&accents, and get a free quote for our triangle mosaic tiles for sale!

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