You know, geometric tile has been used widely for hundreds of years. They have added characters, depth, visual graphic to all residential and commercial spaces. Geometry comes in wide shapes: square, hexagon, rectangle, diamond, trapezoids, octagons, arabesques, round, etc. While ANT.TILE do love triangles! There are so much possibilities to do with triangles, which has brought the geometry back to fashion and innovation again!

Add Moving Element To Wall

There is no doubt that an awesome wall design would have strong power to level up the whole room, which is seamless part of the architecture. We are happy to see our chevron tile pattern, composed of black and white porcelain triangle mosaics, has well done in the bathroom feature wall, it is moving, the whole space is livened up!

Bathroom with bold pattern, triangle mosaic tiles, artistic tile design

Tile Shown: Time Tunnel Series TR2-MWB-DD06A

Go Floor-to-Wall

Try to make a floor-to-wall treatment, and you will not find any more modern and stylish statement to it, whether you choose dramatic colored tiles or shapes. The following blossom geometric tile pattern has showed the point entirely to you.

Triangle Geometric Tiles For Sale for wall floors

Tile Shown: Blue Mountain TR2-BLM-TBL1

Play With Pattern

One of the easy way to get plenty of characters to your interior design, is to play with creative tile pattern. If you are brave enough, choosing contrasting grout colors to make the pattern shape of tiles more obvious. Get inspiration and create the same look to space.

TR2-CL-TSQ triangle geometric tile for commercial wall design

Tile Shown: Classic Series TR2-CL-TSQ

Pure White Never Wrong  

For those who want tiles pattern without so much of the pop, choosing a pure white or black surface to keep a space design clean and contemporary. That also offers a fresh style to your décor remodels. Today, our pure white triangle tile mosaics are well received by our customers, you can take it for your inspiration.

TR2-GW_5 glossy pure white triangle wall tile design

Tile Shown: Pure White Glossy TR2-GW

Use A Pop of Color

Build a noble vibe with the use of Gale Force colors. Triangle Tile is a good option to create the unique look to space project. The wall decoration covered by the blue pattern is so amazing!

TR2-BLM-P2 geometric tile blue for interior wall design

Tile Shown: Blue Mountain TR2-BLM-P2

Light and Fresh Vibe

Don’t be afraid to use mixed light colors to create a soft and fresh look. Fresh vibe makes people live comfortably and relaxed. Don’t not worry abut the clean work, our triangle mosaic tile in porcelain matte finish, is highly resistant to wear and dirt, with mesh backing, it is easy to clean and repair. If you want to establish a fresh style to your living room, contact us freely and we will recommend this best one for you!

TR2-BLM-L triangle mosaic geometric tile wall decoration

Tile Shown: Blue Mountain TR2-BLM-L

Modern geometric tile is a great alternative to the traditional tiles, it makes an easy way to add a popular pattern to your space. We hope that we have sparked your interest in using geometric tile design to add depth and movement to your home design or commercial project. Welcome to share your ideas with us, and get a quote for our tile collection if you like it.

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