We know summer is arriving and some of you are getting ready to redo your old swimming pool. We all like our pools to be up-to-date and looking it’s best. For swimming pools, pool tile is a matter of taste, what’s your ideal pool tile for 2018?

Ant.Tile is delighted that our Geometric Pool Tile Series is popular among our customers and it is important to us that you can get the best pool tile color’s from us. Here we share with you one of our best sellers in the pool tile collection — Federal Blue TR2-SA-P4, that would not be a wrong option for you.

About TR2-SA-P4:

TR2-SA-P4_Best pool tiles colors for 2018

Featured Product: Federal Blue Glossy TR2-SA-P4

This pool mosaic tile features a 2 inch chip size and 10.20”x10.20” sheet size in blue glossy finish. Mesh mounted on back provides a simple installation. Made of porcelain, the mosaic tile is durable and high quality for use. Its low water absorption rate (0.2%) is ideal for swimming pools, spas, bathrooms and any aquatic projects. There’s no denying the triangle shape will make your pool stand out and bring geometric beauty to the space.

TR2-SA-P4_2 inch triangle moasic tile blue pool tiles for sale

Federal Blue Creates Your Pools New Look

Many customers find it difficult to choose color for their pool. The color you choose makes a great difference on the pools appearance. Federal Blue is one of our most popular colors for the pool, its dark shade adds depth and space to your swimming pool. If you want the feeling of swimming in the big blue ocean, this Federal Blue will satisfy and create a stunning look to your swimming area! 

Level Up Your Pool House

A beautiful pool design will add value to your house. This outdoor swimming pool looks mysterious and peaceful at night. With the trick of led lighting, the pool creates a feeling of romance. The geometric pool bottom is eye-catching and unique.

Federal Blue - My Best Pool Tile Color In 2018

Other Optional Colors:

This 2” Santorini pool tile also has other colors for fitting your style:

TR2-SA-P3_Best pool tiles colors for 2018

Featured Product: Cornflower Blue Glossy TR2-SA-P3

TR2-SA-P2_Best pool tiles colors for 2018

Featured Product: Baby Blue Glossy TR2-SA-P2

TR2-SA-P1_Best pool tiles colors for 2018

Featured Product: Alice Blue Glossy TR2-SA-P1

If you are interested in this tile for your next pool installation, please feel free to get a sample and best price from us. For more swimming pool tiles for sale, welcome to contact us now!

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