May you happy 4th of July and your day is full of shining fireworks, nice food, laughing, health and freedom! All is from us at ANT.TILE. For the celebration of the Festival, here we showing you our favorite new design — Starry Night Series, featuring a bright starry night filled with hope and dreams at free style!

You Are The Shining Star In Night

We absolutely love these free style patterns, a stylish composition of unglazed black and 3D glass mosaics. It creates a stunning look when used on wall design. They are so shinning as much as the grand fireworks of the day and the stars in the night sky.

Starry Night Series Free Triangle Triangle Tiles

Starry Night Series Free Triangle Triangle Tiles

Featured at: Free TR2-F-UB-G

Be Bold Enough!

Say no to all boring designs! And be bold to take some different tiles for your project! The half-free mosaic triangle shaped tiles create a dreamy atmosphere for any space designs. That’s welcoming and inviting in an unique way.

2″ Triangle Half Free Pattern Unglazed Black and 3D Glass mixed Triangle Tile

Starry Night Series Half-Free Triangle Triangle Tiles

Featured at: Half-Free TR2-HF-UB-G

Feeling inspired? If you are going to start your next project, get a free quote on our artistic tile for sale, here is unlimited creativity and possibilities to home living.

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