Whether you are going to start your first design project or remodeling your current home, decorating can be challenging work for most homeowners, as there are so many decisions you need to make. Should you hire a Pro or do it yourself? How to make sure you have chosen the right style? What is your budget? And how can you be sure you will pleased with the decorating result?

Here are a few steps to take before the decorating process begins.

1. Like & Dislike

You know, life is too short to live with things you don’t like. Take a look at your existing house and make clear what you like and what you dislike. Feeling each furnishing in the space, is it comfortable? Do you like those colors? Does it fit your style? Finally write down the things you like and forget the things you dislike.

2. Make a Master List

Creating a master list can help you prioritize your project. Prioritizing what needs to be done first and what can be done later will help to prevent stress.

3. Collecting Pictures

Yeah! Why not get your design inspiration from those beautiful photos you look at in magazines or took while on vacation? You can collect interior design photos you like from Google and Houzz, from the wall colors, furniture, flooring, etc. Often, it is difficult for people to put it into words what style and colors they like, and these photo will help you a lot. Also, if you want to hire an interior designer, that will help the Pro to know what style you prefer!

4. Get Your Family Involved

Do not make all decision on your own. Let your other half and children join in on this task. You can collect the pictures independently and compare your choices. As you review these interior photos, figure out what you like and what you dislike, and your differences and similarities will come out clearly! You will get effective information and interior characteristics from these photos, which will guide you in decorating project.  

5. Doing It All At Once Or In Phases?

It seems that some people feel unhappy living in a half-finished home, and try to get everything done at once. I would suggest you do your project in phases, especially if your budget is tight. Finish one room before moving on to the next one, rather than doing a little bit in every room at the same time.

Feeling inspired yet? Hope you’ve gained inspiration to start your next project, and we welcome you to visit our blog for more interior decoration and tile ideas.

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