Swimming pool tiles can make a beautiful statement and boost your backyard style. As there are so various tiles for you to choose from, and still, there are different elements that you need to consider before buying one.  

Following we are sharing some inspirational ideals for you to get the right pool tiles, building a stunning look and great vibe to your pool space. 

TR2-SA-P4_dark blue mosaic tiled swimming pool design

Tile Shown: Santorini Federal Blue Glossy TR2-SA-P4 

1. Budget

The first step is to make a budget, this will tell you what type of pool tiles you can get, for more intricate tile design, that will cost you more.

2. Keep Safe

Pool around area would be wet of the time, you must use anti-slip pool tile, that is to ensure the safety for all swimmers, especially the kids.  

3. Durability

Do not buy low-low price pool tile of a bad quality, that will cost you more money and energy on the tile repairing and maintenance from time to time. It is advisable to buy swimming pool tile that is long lifespan and non-color fading. This will give your pool a lasting apperance and also save your pockets as well.  

4. Design Your Pool Inviting

Level up your pool aesthetics of a fantastic design, that will make your swimming pool more inviting and valuable. Choose a pool design to fit your space, and make sure where to install your pool. Also, you can find some pool finished pictures online, and tell the builder what you want the pool to look like. If permitted, you can ask a design for help.

5. Pool Tile Color

The most common pool tile color is blue, green and white, these three colors reflect the lights and water in a good way and make it more alluring. And if you want to add depth and dimension to the pool, try to use a dark color or mixed colors. And creative tile pattern will make your pool more interesting and add life in pool.

6. Pool Tile Size

The pool tile size is another matter. Aside from the color, larger-size tile will make your pool look more spacious and make a commercial look to pool. While smaller tiles can give a more detailed look. So, do not overlook the size, that will make a different visual effect.  

7. How To Maintain

Ask the supplier how to clean the tile before you make a order. Pool tiles will get scums and build-up as year to come, so an abrasive cleaner or chemicals is needed.

8. Tile Installation

Make clear about the Do’s and Don’ts of installation, although you plan to hire an experienced tiler, which will help you check the quality of tiling work. And you will know what grout to use for tiles.  

9. Choose Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles would be a good choice for pool covering, and getting trendy nowadays. Pool mosaic tiles come in variety of colors, materials, finish, size, patterns and shapes for fitting different pool styles.  

10. Get A Sample

It is suggested to get a sample from the tile supplier before making a order. Check the tile quality and how it look inside pool, which will give your more inspirations for your pool project.

Have you already get ideas to decide what tiles for your pool surfacing, or going to install a classic or modern one? Take a look at Swimming Pool Design by ANT.TILE, that will help you to decide your pool style. For more swimming pool tips and trends, welcome to visit our blog and get a quote on our geometric pool tile if you are fond of.

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