If you ask us if we have floor tiles, and we will say yes of course! Most of ANT.TILE’s tile design is ideal for flooring, adn work perfectly for you. Most people choose tiles for floor covering, which has been popular for a long time, as it is highli durable, easy to install and maintain, especially good-looking in wide colors, textures and shapes.

“I have this thing with floors”, it is a heat tag on instagram, which has increased attention to tile flooring design, and no doubt it will make endless possibilities.

Our ANT Artistic, 1 inch Tile, 2 Inch Tile in matte finish can be used in your floor plan, you just need to make sure where to use these tiles. Following, we are showing you some of our floor tile application by room. Get inspiration and feel freely to chat us if you have problems.

For Entrance Floor

As it is known to all, an entrance is a traffic area and can also get wet, especially in rainy day. We suggest TR2-MWB-DD02D in Time Tunnel series, features 2’’ triangle tile with matte finish, black white hue, wear and stain resistant so that you don’t need to clean it all the time, as the entryway is easy to get dirty.

Ant artistic triangle tiles For Entrance Floor

For Bathroom Floor

When it comes to bathroom application, the floors are often be tiled. As bathroom is a damp environment, so do not ignore the slippage. A smaller size and matte finish will serve you well. TR2-UWB-DD07B collected in our Huntington Beach series, with 2’’ triangle shaped tile chips and matte finish, that’s so holiday and beach vibe to fit your bathroom style!

ANT artistic triangle tile mosaic For Bathroom Floor

For Kitchen Floor

Glad to tell you that most of our triangle shaped tile mosaic are best suited for kitchen flooring, for the kitchen is less damp than the bathroom, you can even choose our glossy finish triangle tile in small size. There are wide options for kitchen application.

We love our TR2-MWG-DD03A in elegant grey-white hue, create a country kitchen below.

Ant artistic triangle tile mosaic For Kitchen Floor

For Commercial Floor

Commercial spaces like restaurant, cafe, coffee shop, fashion store, etc, there are very heavy traffic, which requires an anti-slip and wear-resistant finish. TR2-MWG-DD02H is a new and popular design in our Magic Cube series, matte white and grey mixed color, it is graceful and artistic to make your commercial space more inviting! Slip-resistant, stylish good looking, this tile pattern is a great choice in your floor plan!

Ant triangle tile artistic mosaic tile For Commercial Floor

Get inspiration and like any of the featured colors? If yes, welcome to contact us today to get more geometric triangle tile product details, and we will get back to you shortly!

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