When it comes to interior home decoration, most people automatically choose a neutral hue for its versatility in decorating. People are afraid of black, they think black is colder and seems to make the space feel smaller, gloomy and depressing. However, that is not actually the case, black colors, done right can be dramatic and energizing, they can also create a more welcoming and comfortable space than lighter colors.

Today we are going to share your some cool dark living rooms with some great decorating tips, keep reading if you want to renovate your current home with black hue.  

1. Using Energizing Black Wall Tiles

When you decide to go black, it is important to use some crisp and energizing blacks. Consider using a high-gloss finish, which reflects light and creates a warm space for you. This way can be effective in most cases.

TR2-GB_Using Energizing Black Wall Tiles_living room decorating geometric tiled wall

Tile shown: Classic Black Glossy TR2-GB

Try using interesting black geometric tiles, that won’t give a dull feeling to your living room along with a bold wall design. Our dynamic windmill tile pattern in black-white is a popular choice of our customers, this pattern is fashionable and playful, adding a geometric look to any wall decoration can enhance your room.  

TR2-MW-GW-B_Using Energizing Black Wall Tiles_living room decorating geometric tiled wall

Tile shown: Black White Windmill TR2-MW-GW-B

2. Use Black To Unify A Room

If you are a fan of cool decoration, why not decorate your living room in all black? Black tiled floor, black painting wall, black furniture, etc. Black color can work well to tie different elements within a room together and create a cohesive look.

T4-MB-PL_2.Use Black To Unify A Room_geometric triangle tiled floor

Tile shown: Classic Black Matte Linear Pattern T4-MB-PL

3. Create A Sense of Balance

If all black is overpowering for you, you can combine black with white to create contrast as well as a sense of balance. Due to the amount of white (white painting wall, white bedding), the space is delightful and cozy in appropriate way.

TR2-UB_Create A Sense of Balance_living room geometric tiled floor

Tile shown: Iron Ore Unglazed TR2-UB    

4. Give A Soft Aesthetic

As winter comes, homeowners tend to want to make their homes warmer and softer. The combo of a matte black wall and a wooden floor will give the living room a comfortable and soft aesthetic. That’s a nice touch of classic and modern design, you can try it for any rooms.

T4-MB-PC_4.Give A Soft Aesthetic_living room design geometric tiled wall

Tile shown: Matte Black Cross Junction Pattern T4-MB-PC

TR2-MB_4.Give A Soft Aesthetic_living room design geometric tiled wall

Tile shown: Classic Black Matte TR2-MB

You don’t need to be afraid of using black within your decorating project any more, using black in the correct ways and create a dramatic statement to your interior design. If you’ve gotten ideas from these living room decoration, we welcome you to share your ideas and inspirations. And, if you would like to try our black triangle tiles for next project, feel free to ask for a quote from us and we will get back to you soon.  

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