How to attract more customers and increase your shop foot traffic?” This is a frequent question for most retailers. In order to achieve this goal, the focus is squarely on the appearance of your shop. That is to say, what you need to do is to make your store look best.

Below are some stunning examples that works perfectly to attract more foot traffic to your shop. Read on and get inspiration for your upcoming store remodeling project.

1. Create Window Display That Turn Heads

Unquestionably, a unique and compelling window display is definitely a powerful weapon to differentiate you from your competitors and draw more foot traffic into your store. Whether you are a small retailer or not, it never go wrong to take good use of your window display, it is a chance for you to emphasize your brand’s personality and turn the heads of passersby, making them look back and walk into your store.

There are many layouts for creating a nice window display, just choose the easiest and most suitable one for yourself if you have no budget for it. Remember to keep your window display simple, too much clutter might overwhelm potential passersby rather than draw their attention.

Create Window Display That Turn Heads-TR2-CL-RT

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2. Keep It Clean

The cleanliness of your store will make a big impression on your customers when they walk into the store. Everyday before you open the store, make sure everything is clean and in good repair. Meanwhile, do not overlook the smell. Smell can activate memories and emotions, which can helps to persuade customers to stay for a longer time.

The cafe below as a great example. The interior design goes minimalist and everything is kept in a subtle way. It is a wise to let the light in, which makes the space brighter and cleaner, especially likely larger. Surely every customers will enjoy their tea time here.

Keep your store clean-TR2-MWG-DD02C

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3. Put Your Best Out

Every shop has their recommendation. Remember to place your best and most popular products on the center or the most prominent place of your store everyday. People always love those best sellers, especially new customers who have no idea to make a decision. You can set a hot-sale area in your store, don’t place too many items in it, for too many to choose from for most customers.

Put your best product out in your store-TR2-MWG-DD02H

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4. Pay Attention To Lighting

Lighting plays an important role of your store decoration. It is a factor to influence the entire ambience experience in your store. Lighting can affect the mood of customers, highlight the certain products over others and create a dramatic setting to your store interiors.

The combo of wood materials and lighting structures a warm environment for the wine store.

Pay attention to the lighting when store decor-TR2-CH-RT

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5. Choose The Right Floor Plan

The floor plan you use will decide your store flow and traffic, which depends on your store’s size, your product line and importantly, your target market. It requires you know clearly what your customers like and what they need efficiently. There are numbers of store floor arrangement you can take, and the most common on is the straight floor plan that create an organized flow of traffic. It is the most economical and most widely used floor plan for store layout.

If you think the straight floor plan is too simple, you can use a bold geometric tile pattern for flooring, that can easily make your store unique and out-standing. Example as below.

Choose a right floor plan for store design-TR2-CH-TBL2

Feature product: blossom triangle geometric mosaic TR2-CH-TBL2


6. Enhance Your Store Personality

A great store design layout can help customers to make a connection with what you are selling and what your store style is, providing unforgettable shopping experience. Color is a great way to enhance your store style, choosing the right palette can reflect your brand perfectly.

Example as below, this fashion store in black and white color reveals the simple, minimalist style. The style is timeless, the geometric blossom pattern tiling floor adds wow factor to the space and makes all customers impressive.

Enhance your store personality with colors-TR2-MWB-DD09A

Featured product: geometric triangle mosaic art TR2-MWB-DD09A

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7. A Wall That Tells Story

Apart from floor decor, the design of wall plays an important part in your store remodeling. Why not install a background wall about your store brand story? Everybody loves to listen to story and it is a very useful way to connect with your customers. You can select some memorable team’s photo the fulfill the wall like below, the four pictures become a focal point and instantly they will draw all eyes into the space. With the embellishment of geometric pattern mosaic tile, the wall undoubtedly is eye-catchy and enhance the vintage feel of restaurant.

install a story wall for store design-TR2-CL-TSQ

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8. Have A Cozy Seating Zone

Remember that your store is more than display, it is essential to make your customers feel at home and provide good experience to make them to return. So take your customer’s comforts into consideration when designing your store. One of the simplest method is to create a comfortable seating area inside or in front of your store, especially for those shoppers who do get tired, why not provide them a cozy chair? This will easily make your store much more welcoming.

create a cozy seating area for store design-T4-MB-WM

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Feeling Inspired?

There are more than the above 8 ways to increase your store foot traffic, if you have other great ideas to plan a nice store layout, welcome to comment below and share with us. A successful store design would be welcoming to customer and profitable, but most of all, remember to offer the best products and service, and always put your customer first, which will give your customers a memorable experience and surely they will come back again.

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