People get used to look up and always forget to look down at their feet. How many times do you have a look at the floor beneath your feet? Acturally Floor is an essentail part in interior design and our lifestyle, which often goes unnoticed. Floor tile designs can not be remembered every time, below are some great examples to show you how tiles can boom your flooring style!

Make A Hallway

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Undoubtedly, building a fascinating hallway is a best way to make an amazing impression to your guest when entering your home. Look at those Windmill pattern on flooring, if you want to make a distinction between the hallway and living room, these black-white multi windmill pattern tiles are so stylish and modern to differ from the simple floor color of living room. Moreover, a glass door is an alternative for you. ANT Artistic supplies a variety of shapes and patterns for option, speaking to both functionality and decorativeness, you will find out one tile suitable for your interior design.

Flooring An Open-Air Kitchen

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An open-air kitchen now is the mainstream in modern home design, especially for those young home owners. Equip your kitchen with a long table or mini bar, you get a cozy place for your dinning and reading time. Do not overlook the floor of kitchen, choosing some bold floor tile patterns if you want your kitchen voguish and stylish. Our magic cube series in matte finish is anti-slip for flooring, and pretty in appearance.

The Talk of Your Fashion Style

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How to decorate your fashion shop more inviting and talk clearly your fashion style to customers? A good fashion shop design is necessary. The quality of clothing is a focus, however, nowadays more and more customers also pay attention to the shop vibe. The main color, the lightings, small decorations and flooring designs, should go in harmony with the whole fashion style! This black-white blossom series works perfectly with these cool clothes and surroundings.

Play As A Carpet

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Carpet is widely used and getting more popular in interior home decoration. With changeable textures, patterns and colors, it creates individual vibe for you. Nevertheless, carpet takes you much time to clean and maintain, most people often forget to do the regular cleaning.

So why not consider a tile? Inspired by fashionable carpet design, ANT Artistic’s gray-white Time Tunnel Series features an unique motif, going to create an out-standing floor in your living room, beautiful patterns, convenient to install and clean, making more possibilities to your architecture project!

Have you get inspired for your new flooring! And if you have met a good floor, welcome to share with us now! If you have fallen in love with our mosaic geometric tile, then chat us now to get a free quote!

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