Recently we took a visit to Chicago’s iconic Merchandise Mart to see the finished installation of our triangle tiles at Marshall’s Landing. Marshall’s Landing is an vibrant space for gathering, working, socializing, eating, drinking and caffeinating. Inspired by a series of classic collection of furniture by top international designers here, they choose to use our 1’’ triangle matte pure black mosaic tiles TR1-MB, and create a stunning look for the store. And now follow us to take an inside look into the fantastic design!

To Build Your Style!

The pure black triangle pattern is used on the wall cladding and bar design, which works perfectly with other features including the warm lighting, black-white chairs, wooden bar counter, industrial ceiling & flooring, etc. It goes simple but not dull, it is high end and luxurious.

Choose The Perfect Color Shade

What makes your project so great refers to what color you choose. Get inspiration from the surroundings and choose the color you love. Black is classic and modern! It absorbs other colors and add depth to space. Additionally, have a look at the black grout color they use on tiling, that’s so cool! You know the grout color will make a big difference on the entire tiling project.

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TR1-MB matte black triangle tile mosaic

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So, one day, if you travel Chicago, be sure to stop by Marshall’s Landing at 222W Merchandise Mart Plaza, to enjoy such a cozy place with ANT TILE’s creative black triangle tiles.

We glad to hear what inspire you. And welcome to share your design ideas here. Do not hesitate to get a free quote from us if you are interested in our triangle mosaic tiles.

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