Keep going and inspired by Blue Mountain State in USA, ANT.TILE created our new collection named “Blue Mountain”. There is something so special and great about blue hue. Creating, market researching and getting feedback from our customers, we have chosen the most popular and our favorite geometric tile art patterns for Blue Mountain collection!

blue mountain art tile colors

Using the color Lattice, Uncertain Gray, Gale Force, we got 12 bold new look, which is sure to compliment both your residential and commercial space.

Follow us to discover the 12 Geometric art patterns.


One of our fashionable pattern – Blossom, offering a modern and artistic look to any space. Features 2’’ matte mosaic triangle tiles in blue hue, this pattern would work beautifully in kitchen backsplash, wall accent and flooring.

#Repetitive Blossom

TR2-BM-BL2_blossom geometric tiled kitchen backsplash

Tile shown: Blue Mountain Blossom TR2-BLM-BL2

#Twist Blossom

Twist blossom geometric tile mosaic patterns

Don’t afraid to use these twist patterns, there are clear instructions to help you in installation work. The office floor paired with our twist blossom perfectly!

TR2-BLM-TBL2_blossom geometric art tiled office interior flooring

Tile shown: Blue Mountain Twist Blossom TR2-BLM-TBL2


Never miss a square pattern if you want to achieve the geometric beauty of tiles. 3 cool square patterns for option, tell us which do you prefer?

Geometric square would certainly build an amazing tiled floor, i do love this nordic style, and you?

TR2-BLM-SQ3_square geometric tile mosaic interior flooring

Tile shown: Blue Mountain Square TR2-BLM-SQ3

Simplicity and brightness, everybody loves the cozy interiors.

TR2-BLM-SQ2_square geometric mosaic tiled living room floors

Tile shown: Blue Mountain Square TR2-BLM-SQ2

#Twist Square 

twist square geometric tile mosaic patterns

This twist square tile pattern creates two visual effects to you, you can get more possibilities from this bold design!

twist square geometric tile pattern for both wall and floor designs

Tile shown: Blue Mountain Square TR2-BLM-TSQ


Rectangle will make a different result when compared with square. This rectangle motif would look good in anywhere. While we would like to see you take it for home flooring like the one below.  

TR2-BLM-RT_rectangle geometric art tiled home interior flooring design

Tile shown: Blue Mountain Chevron TR2-BLM-RT


One of our most beloved chevron pattern, has strong power to liven up all spaces, it moves, it create a great visual effect, especially when used in floors.

TR2-BLM-CV chevron geometric mosaic tiled floor decor

Tile shown: Blue Mountain Chevron TR2-BLM-CV


Kaleidoscope brings happiness to our childhood, ANT.TILE’s kaleidoscope tile patterns brings you a happy home!

TR2-BLM-KS kaleidoscope geometric tiled bedroom wall cladding

Tile shown: Blue Mountain Kaleidoscope TR2-BLM-KS


There is something oh-so-stunning about ribbon patterns. Repeat the ribbon motif to make a dynamic geometric floor for bathroom.

TR2-BLM-R ribbon geometric mosaic tiled flooring bathroom

Tile shown: Blue Mountain Ribbon TR2-BLM-R


You will get different visual effect from this diagonal pattern, which is a twist pattern, just make sure the mosaic tile sheet is rotated correctly to form the pattern accordingly during installation. Change your install way, and create playful patterns!

twist diagonal geometric tile mosaic patterns

twist diagonal geometric art tiles for floor and wall design

Tile shown: Blue Mountain Diagonal TR2-BLM-L

Loving this Blue Mountain Collection? Want more design inspiration? Head to ANT Artistic to see our newest mosaic art tiles collection. And simply chat us today for a quotation and we will get back to you soon.

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