Working and exploring, ANT.TILE is glad to announce the launch of Classic series, another brand new geometric triangle tile design! This collection comes in 12 patterns for option, featuring 2’’ porcelain triangle mosaics in black, white and grey colors. These tiles are made at low water-absorption rate of 2%, smooth edge, 10.20’’x10.20’’ and 10.83’’x10.83’’ per sheet size.

Bold Design, Easy Installation

The classic collection is composed of 12 playful tile patterns created by our designers, from blossom, chevron, diagonal, kaleidoscope, ribbon, rectangle, to squares, etc. You will find one best for your project! Innovative and bold, these geometric mosaic tile patterns makes a statement to your interior design.

What is the pattern you like?

classic geometric tile mosaic patterns

Do not worry that it will cost you much time in installation, differ from customized mosaic picture, these repeating geometric patterns are easier to install.

 repeating geometric patterns

Twist Pattern – Create Different Results To You!

A twist pattern is a stylish design in ANT.TILE. That is to say, you can install the twist pattern in different way to create different patterns. Just remember to make sure the tile sheet is rotated correctly to form the pattern accordingly during installation! We have marked out the twist point to help you install, if you have any problems, do not hesitate to ask us freely.

1. Twist Diagonal TR2-CL-L

Your space design can be full of geometry beauty and create a strong visual effect with the diagonal patterns. Install the tile sheets right according to the twist point, and that will make big surprise to you! 

twist diagonal mosaic patterns_layout

twist diagonal a pattern for wall design

#Twist Diagonal A

twist diagonal b pattern for interior floors

#Twist Diagonal B

2. Twist Blossom TR2-CL-TBL1

Blossom up your interior floor with these twist blossom pattern, which works like a beautiful carpet, enhancing the whole space’s values and style! 

twist blossom 1 tile patterns

TR2-CL-TBL1 geometric tile for kitchen flooring design

Twist Blossom TR2-CL-TBL1


3. Twist Blossom TR2-CL-TBL2

Twist Blossom TR2-CL-TBL2

TR2-CL-TBL2 geometric tile interior flooring

Twist Blossom TR2-CL-TBL2


3. Twist Square TR2-CL-TSQ

Twist square art tile

TR2-CL-TSQ geometric tile for bathroom flooring

#Twist Square 1

TR2-CL-TSQ triangle geometric tile for commercial wall design

#Twist Square 2

Interested in taking our geometric tile mosaic for you next project? Just contact us for a quotation and sample details, and we will get back to you soon.

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