If you are going to renovate your bathroom or build a brand new one, a range of great bathroom decorating tips and ideas would be helpful for you! Today we are showing you some great ideas to inspire you in your home’s bathroom.  

Decide A Decorating Theme

A decorating theme decides the overall style of your bathroom, create a space that’s as charming as it is functional! There are wide style options for you, the first step is to choose your bathroom design styles and you will find its features. Modern style features new materials and designs, and traditional style tend to be related to historical eras. Make sure your bathroom style features and that will help to guide you decoration choices. I do love this simple Nordic style, and you?

build a simple nordic style bathroom

Tile Shown: Multi Windmill Pattern TR1-MW-MW-B

Consider What Color To Use

Most homeowners’ bathroom space is small, so they prefer to choose a light color for bathroom decorating, making it more spacious. While a darker color can make a space feel cozier. White, yellow, blue, and beige can be the great choice to add brightness to bathroom decor.

pure white bathroom decoration

Tile Shown: Pure White TR2-MW

Add Characters To Wall

The wall surface plays an important role in bathroom decor. For traditional style, homeowners love to use floral patterns. In more contemporary designs, ANT.TILE’s geometric pattern mosaic tiles provide a up-to-date style to make your bathroom unique and popular!

add characters to your bathroom design

Tile Shown: Blossom TR2-CL-BL2

Go Artistic

One of the best way to create an artistic bathroom is to feature artwork in it. Photos, drawings and paintings will add visual interest and highlight your bathroom style.

Tile Shown: Heart Pattern TR1-SH-GW-B

Natural Decor

It is a great decorative choice to bring the outside into your bathroom design, taking live plants is perfect for a natural decor theme. Your bathroom can be more energetic and comfortable!

build a natural decor bathroom

Tile Shown: Multi Windmill Pattern TR2-MW-MW-B

Feeling inspired for your next bathroom project? Share your good ideas with us and welcome to get a free quote if you are in demand for our products, we will get back to you shortly!

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