Bathroom is one of the most traffic and dirtiest place in your home. Cleaning your bathroom can be easier if you have great tricks, today we are sharing you a few hacks to help you make your bathroom sparkling again.

1. Right Bathroom Cleaning Supplies

As for me, starting the cleaning work with right cleaning supplies is important, which will save you much energy and times on it. For most homeowners are not comfortable with chemical solutions, here are some other cleaning supplies you will need and keep the work natural: paper towels, microfiber cloth, squeegee, rubber gloves, toilet brush, spray bottle.

Bathroom cleaning supplies

Vinegar is one of the most popular natural cleaning solution for many homeowners, which can kill bacteria successfully in many areas, it is very convenient to use it with a spray bottle. And you can use essential oil to take place of vinegar, if you don’t like the smell of vinegar.

2. Bath Mirror Cleaning

Grime can become stuck to the mirror and hard to get off as time goes by. You can put some rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab to clean the marks. Moreover, tea bag is a good tool to make your mirror streak-free. Just wipe down your mirror and dry it with a paper towel at once.

3. Shower Head Cleaning

How to clean a shower head is not difficult. With simple vinegar and plastic bags, it is great and easy for most homeowners. First of all, you can fill the plastic bag with 80% of vinegar, then pull the bag up so that the shower head is fully submerged into the vinegar and set it sit overnight. Finally untie the bag and release all vinegar, wash it with water and dry it with soft towel.

4. Bathroom Tile Cleaning

Floor tiles or wall tiles in the bathroom is gong to get stains and mold after long use. If you never clean your bathroom, it is a good way to ask a pro tile cleaning service. If you have a budget and want to DIY, then choose the combination of vinegar and water, mixed them in the spray bottle, apply to the tile surface and wipe with a soft cloth. This natural solution is easy to finish and can be used in regular cleaning.

Grout would be a tough part to clean. It is useful to cover the grout lines with a paste of baking soda and water. Wait a few minutes and use spray bottles or toothbrush to remodel the paste.

5. Toilet Cleaning

Do not neglect the toilet seat, which will have a foul odor if you never give it a deep clean. Remove the toilet seat and use vinegar spray to wipe it down and get some tea tree oil to add a fresh smell. Clean the bowl entirely and replace your toilet seat back. Try pumice stone to remove the hard stain.

6. Faucet Cleaning

Bath faucet and handles may get dirt from daily use, which will mesh up the whole bathroom look. Spray shaving cream on the fixtures and rub it with a cloth to get its sheen back.

With a few of effective hacks, you don’t have to be so hard when cleaning your bathroom. For more home ideas and tips, welcome to focus on our blog page, and Ant.Tile will make our best to supply best answers for you.

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