Transform your kitchen with our stylish kitchen backsplash ideas. With these tiled backsplash ideas, you are sure to find a backplash design that fits your small kitchen style!

We are showing you a series of kitchen backsplash design with our geometric art tiles. Why not try some creative tile patterns? That will make a brand new look to your space. Especially when your kitchen space is small, with a variety of patterns, ANT.TILE can offer the best tile for you!

Build A Sweet Home 

heart mosaic pattern for kitchen backsplash

Tile shown: Heart Pattern TR2-SH-MW-B

To build a sweet home for your dear family by using our lovely heart mosaic pattern in black white, which will enhance the beauty of your kitchen backsplash, and create a great vibe for dinning time!

Make It Dynamic

Windmill pattern triangle tiles for kitchen backsplash

Tile shown: Multi-Windmill TR12-MW-MB-W

If you kitchen space is smaller, then consider to add dynamic elements to it, that will liven up the whole space in easy way. ANT.TILE’s windmill series would be a great choice without doubt!


blossom pattern for kitchen backsplash design

Tile shown: Blossom Pattern TR2-BM-BL2

Blossom pattern is one of our popular design, this pattern is so artistic and eye-catching, working perfectly in any kitchen backsplash styles. With it, you’ve got the stunning kitchen for home.

The Elegance of Grey Hue

Huntington beach pattern art tile for kitchen backsplash

Tile shown: Huntington Beach TR2-MWG-DD01H

Inspired by Huntington Beach, we create this stylish pattern. Do not afraid that this bold pattern will make you dazzling, we have chosen elegant grey color paired with the pattern, that looks nice without being too overpowering! And at the same time, your kitchen get the characters!

We love to hear your inspiration got from us! Welcome to contact us for more kitchen backsplash ideas and get a free quote of our geometric tiles.

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