When you deside to create a white living room, you get the wide choice of the room shapes, sizes and styles. The possibilities are endless when you take white as your main color palette. Following we are showing you some of our favorite living room decor with our triangle tiles, they create nice look, and your home decor is the next.

The Style of Scandinavia  

To give the living room an air of simplicity and cozy, we install a pure white wall with our 4” triangle tile in cross junction series. The brown sofa accompanied by the cream-knitted pillow, wooden chair, super white table and decorative plants builds a Nordic vibe for your family. Less makes more, white makes classic.

Scandinavia style white living room idea 2018

Tile shown: 4 Cross Junction Classic White T4-MW-PC

Warm and Cozy

You would enjoy your morning-reading and afternoon-tea time in this living room below. The 4” white triangle tiled wall and warm sunshine brighten up the whole space, the soft hue contrasts the black sofa and wooden floors beautifully.

Warm and cozy white living room idea 2018

Tile shown: 4 Zip Connection Classic White T4-GW-PZ

The Return of White and Black

There is no better color combination than black and white. In this modern and comfortable living bedroom, we use our triangle tile with a black windmill pattern for the whole wall decor, which works wonderfully with other furniture and decoratings. It creates a feeling of contemporary, that would not be out of date!

Black-white modern living room idea 2018

Tile shown: 1 Windmill Pattern TR1-SW-GW-B

Simple Makes Classic

To make a statement to your living room by a pure white wall with geometric look. And you don’t need to take too much other colors into this room. Let the power of white add great impact to your living room.

Simple white living room idea 2018

Tile shown: 1 Pure White Triangle TR1-MW

The glamor of white is endless and white can also add sparkle to any living room decor. Feeling inspired? Welcome to share what you think, and if you are going to renovate your living room white, feel free to contact us if you want to take our modern geometric tile product for your project.

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