ANT.TILE ask, “What is your kitchen flooring style?” Tiled floors are extremely popular in most home design and commercial project. Know about tiles and discover our porcelain tiles used for kitchen flooring, and get ideas for your own kitchen.

Why Tile Flooring?

  • Tile offers various colors and styles to create different looks.
  • Tile is incredibly durable can stand up to heavy foot traffic, spills and bacterias.
  • Tile can go with any decoration style
  • Tile can be created in multitude of patterns

Things You Need To Know When Choosing Floor Tiles

  • Durability. As kitchen is a heavy-traffic area, you had better choose tile rated Class 3 (moderate traffic) or Class 4 (moderate to heavy traffic) for kitchen floors.
  • Water resistant. The best tile option for kitchen must have a low water-absorption rate. ANT TILE’s porcelain mosaic tile collection offers a water-absorption rate lower 0.5%, perfect to used in floors.
  • Anti-Slip Surface. Anti-slip tiles are better to make a floor less slippery and dirt, creating a safer environment for your family.

Flooring may not be top of mind when it comes to kitchen remodel, but floors play an very crucial part in the look of the whole kitchen. Kitchen floor comes in changeable styles, while nowadays, a custom, creative look has become the new and fashionable trend. We are showing you a series of kitchen floor project to maximum your home value!

Style Under Feet

Do not worry that your kitchen cabinet, countertop, table, chair and other knick-knacks go too simple, a geometric tiled floor can resurge your kitchen easily, and show your unique style!

TR2-MWG-DD09A kitchen geometric tiled floor

Tile shown: Blossom Pattern TR2-MWG-DD09A

Nordic style is a great style for kitchen. Everybody likes it. Our matte white mixed grey geometric tiles are paired with floors even the entire ambience nice.

TR2-MWG-DD01F nordic style kitchen geometric tiled floor

Tile shown: Huntington Beach TR2-MWG-DD01F

Let it go in warm hue. Take a look at the unglazed black white geometric tiles for flooring, it plays like a beautiful carpet, working wonderful with the brown curtain, countertop and white cabinet to build a warm kitchen vibe!

TR2-UWB-DD02N warm kitchen geometric tiled floor

Tile shown: Magic Cube TR2-UWB-DD02N

When Baroque meets art, you get the unique kitchen style! Our unglazed black white geometric mosaic tile in windmill pattern builds a dynamic artistic floor to you. All is well.

TR2-UWB-DD04A luxury kitchen artistic geometric tiled floor

Tile shown: Windmill Pattern TR2-UWB-DD04A 

Never make your kitchen floor boring. Welcome to share what inspired you, and freely to get a free quote about ANT.TILE kitchen or floor tiles, always have one to fit your style!

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