Tile that look like wood now is the hottest trend in home decoration. Porcelain wooden tile is manufactured from fired clay and created to imitate the wood grain, finishes and plank size of hardwood flooring. This floor tile gives you the natural look of wood as well as the durability of tiles.

Read on and you will find more information about wooden tile, and marking sure whether this tile is right for your home decor or not.


Make sure you make a right investment when renovating your floor. Hardwood floor looks beautiful but they can be easily damage in high-traffic area including kitchen, bathroom and living room, which will make a big loss and takes you more cost and energy in remodeling work. Real wood floor can get scratch, crack, out-of-shape from the traffic stress. They also require refinishing and resealing at a regular time. While the imitation porcelain wood tile doesn’t have these concerns, it provides durability and good look as years to come. You don’t need to worry that your children, pets or chairs scratching the floor.

Wood effect ceramic tiles are ideal for spaces featuring high moisture, especially well-received in bathroom. Hardwood flooring is not recommended for bathroom, because moisture can quickly do harm to your flooring. If you wanna build a simply white bathroom, the wood grain ceramic tile is a great option to make a warm space for you.


You make the right decision for your home and environment when you choose the ceramic tile wood floor. Porcelain and ceramic tile is eco-friendly flooring materials, these surface won’t contain harmful chemicals and they are recyclable. You can get all benefits of hardwood tile from porcelain wooden tile, bring timeless beauty and elegance to your home spaces.


Porcelain wood look tile becomes a staple of bathroom due to its tough durability and naturally waterproof feature. This big advantage makes this tile is widely applied in areas prone to water, such as bathroom, shower, kitchen, entryway. It has a low water-absorption rate and anti-skid finish, so that your floor is less slippery.


Porcelain wood tile provides affordable price, which is more cost-effective than hardwood flooring and needs more consideration for selection. Especially for those who wants the hardwood look and doesn’t have enough budget, porcelain wood tile is a great alternative. While it may cost you more depending on your extra needs. Totally, they are still cheaper than traditional hardwood flooring.


Porcelain Tile That Looks Like Wood by ANT.TILE

Following you are see how our wooden tile applied and turn up a space. Take a closer look and get more inspiration for your next remodeling projects.

I Have This Tiles With My Kitchen Floor

Wood like ceramic tile is really a hot trend in flooring, you should not miss a great chance to add beauty and functional to your space. I would greatly recommend this tile for your kitchen floor decor, look at the example below, the floor looks so stunning! You can get both the appearance and style of wood, you don’t need to worry that the tile will be damaged easily.

With grain finish, the surface is anti-slip enough, that makes the tile work wonderful for your kitchen. If you are something wear-resistant and waterproof for traffic area, take best wood look tile into consideration.

TILE THAT LOOKS LIKE WOOD_i have this wood look tile with kitchen floor

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Make My Balcony Comfortable

How do you use your balcony? The decoration of balcony always is ignored by many people, I love to decorate my balcony multifuntional, it can work as a laundry place or space of relaxation. With the wood plank tile flooring, you don’t need to concern about the spills from doing the washing. The tile has structured a neat floor and cozy space for your morning reading.

TILE THAT LOOKS LIKE WOOD_wood grain tile install comfortable balcony floor

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Install A Country Style

Country style is popular style. You can find it common-to-see in both residential and commercial places. Country style is about an aesthetic that speaks for rural farmhouse-like design. Wood finish tiles are one of the most likable building materials in country style. They are suitable for both wall and floor design. And look at the commercial store below, the wooden tiling floor makes a statement to the whole space. It feels natural, simple and stylish.

TILE THAT LOOKS LIKE WOOD_add country style to commercial store with porcelain wood tile

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Scandinavian Design Bedroom

When it comes to Scandinavian design, words come into my mind is simplicity, minimalism and functionality. The Nordic decor now is getting more and more voguish in home decor. For a Nordic bedroom, try to use lighter or neutral color tone, furniture with simple line is preferred. Our light grey wood look tile is perfect to fit the bedroom, the lighter color emphasizes the space style, and meanwhile, it adds warmth to the space, the space is not dull any more.

TILE THAT LOOKS LIKE WOOD_light gray wooden tile makes Nordic style bedroom

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Feel Inspired?

Wood look tile offers the look and feel of real wood flooring, the tile can be so realistic and gives you more benefits that wood doesn’t have. If you have trouble in choosing your floor material, porcelain wood tile is a great have for you. Head over to our Tile Clearance, there are best wood look tile for sale, featuring dot-joint design, durable and affordable price. Feel free to contact us if you are in demand for our products.

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