ANT.TILE strives to innovate a timeless collection of designs that will inspire beauty, wellness and vitality. We have incorporated a modern 1’’ and 2’’ triangle pattern, coming together in a classic black, elegant gray and vintage white, with both matte and glossy finish.

Behind the design

We are taking you behind the design of our triangle tile. In the western canon, the significance of the triangles dates back to the Platonists’ geometric theories. Geometric pattern design is abstract, simple and striking to create a strong visual effect. The beauty of geometry is impressive and changeable, giving designers endless imagination and be the favorite of most projects.

Moreover, the creative idea of mixing the unglazed porcelain with stereoscopic glass mosaic is brought into the product line to elevate the design into another dimension.

ANT supplies an unique combination of these simple elements, composing the framework for the design of your dreams, from which new generation of design will be born on after another. Take a good look at some of our popular project designs and you will get idea boom!

1. Pure is Classic

Pure black and white is never being dull and out of fashion.

2″ Pure Color Pattern Triangular Glossy Black Porcelain Mosaic Tile

Featured at: TR2-GB

The 2 inch pure black triangle tiles in a glossy finish are easy to clean and works perfectly with other furnishings, with a contrasting grout color to create a bold look. Make a statement to your living room featuring an eye-catching wall look, soft lighting, comfortable sofa and small decorating. 

1″ Pure Color Pattern Triangular Glossy White Porcelain Mosaic Tile

Featured at: TR1-GW

White is the hot color for kitchen. The pure white triangle shaped tile backsplash highlights other elements in the space, speaking to simplicity and geometric beauty. Enjoy your coffee time in this cozy corner.

2. Windmill Series

2″ Triangular Multi Windmill Pattern Glossy Porcelain Mosaic Tile

Featured at: TR2-MW-GW-B

Windmill series is a bold pattern in our designs. These dancing windmills make a bold geometric statement throughout the living room. The twist pattern creates a dynamic visual effect and liven up the room. It moves, it is nifty!

3. Diamond Series

Featured at: TR1-SD-GB-W

Everybody loves diamond. Inspired by the beauty and timeless theory of diamond, we create the diamond series, which is popular in our customers. The tile offers versatility in styles and use.

4. Heart Series

2″ Triangular Single Heart Pattern Glossy Porcelain Mosaic Tile

Featured at: TR2-SH-GW-B

In order to make a love home, we adore a new design challenge and make something new to the heart series. When you place these heart shaped tiles on your kitchen properly, they build a fun and lovely vibe.

5. Starry Night Series

2″ Triangle Half Free Pattern Unglazed Black and 3D Glass mixed Triangle Tile

Featured at: TR2-HF-UB-G

Starry night series comes in a 2’’ triangle tiles of unglazed black porcelain and 3D glass mixed design. This combination makes a brand-new look to triangle, adding definition and dimension to the tile surface. It goes at a free style but not out of arrangement, offering more possibilities to interior designs and architect projects.

Today is a creative day!

It’s time to think out the box! Stylish and visual burst is the key for all designs to get focus and interest from people. Triangle always represents harmony and proporation. Get inspired and be bold to use these geometric triangle tile patterns in your project, that will make your swoon!

Welcome to share your ideas with us, and get a free quote from ANT.TILE.

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