The area of border tile in home decoration is small, it is a little detail. Border tiles are often overlooked, however, a good border tile is going to liven up the whole space and add wow factor to a finished design. They are versatile, and you can use them to frame, highlight, zone and finish a space to perfection. There are different materials and styles of border tiles specially designed for wall and floors.

Why use border tiles?

If you want to create a decorative edging or level up your edge finishing of tiled area, you need to use border tiles. It adds a sense of completion and highly smart up a space to make a great first impression on visitors.  

How to choose border tiles?

The proper collocation of border and tiles is important. Below I will share you some effective tips to choose best border tile patterns.

  • Border tile designs come in different materials, among which porcelain border tile and resin border tile are widely used in home decoration. Sometimes, the material of border tile changes, depending on the creative ideas from designers. That’s unique and stylish.
  • High quality. Porcelain border tile is long lifespan and perfect for home use than other border materials.
  • Size&Color. Choose the main tile first before you buy border tile. Make sure of the tiled area and choose the right border tile size. And remember that the right color make your entire design good-looking.
  • Make sure where to use border tile. Diffierent areas require different border tiles.
  • Ask a tile professional or interior designer. If you have no idea to choose a border tile on your own, you need a expert who will give you great advice and helps you save energy and costs.

Creating decoration with border tiles

Here follow me to discover the nice design of border tiles project at ANT.TILE.

Border tile designs for floor

  • Make A Rug Effectto Dining Area

What the type of tile border you select depends very much on the style you want and area you tiled. When it comes to kitchen design, a beautiful border tile floor can be used to make a “rug effect” in the dining area, working as a framing tiles. We do love our black-white border tile designs, it plays nice with other main floor tiles and highlight the designs.  

border tiles for entrance wall design

  • A Good Entrance Welcome You Back Home

A great entrance make a great first impression to all visitor to your home and welcome you back. If you do not know how to design your entrance wall with border tile, our design shows you the way. This works well like a picture frame, with a composition of square, triangle and strips, your entrance wall is finished with geometric beauty.

Already know well about border tile decorative accent tiles? Get inspired and good ideas to finish your tile area with a border tile. Welcome to share your next project and contact us for more tile border details.

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