When it comes to kitchen renovation, there are several things you need to do. Among, the kitchen backsplash design will take you much time, although it seems like a simple task, but there are various things you need to consider when choosing a tile for backsplash, which plays a very important role in the overall kitchen style!

Here we are making a list of things to consider when choosing a kitchen backsplash tile, and do not hesitate to consult your designer, contractor before installing your tiles, as there are still other things to keep in mind.  

1. Tile Color

The first thing to do is to decide the tile color. A colorful backsplash would make a strong impression, while a neutral backsplash adds characters to your space. Colorful or neutral? Just choose it in terms of your overall color preference, as there are other colors and materials being used in your kitchen.

TR2-CH-SQ1_kitchen backsplash color

Tile Shown: Chino Hill Square TR2-CH-SQ1

2. The Height of Backsplash

Most homeowners often overlook the backsplash height, you can decide where it ends, taking cabinet as the deciding factor. You can end your backsplash up the bottom of cabinet or shelf as below:

TR2-MWB-DD04B_decide your kitchen height based on cabinet and shelf

Tile Shown: Windmill TR2-MWB-DD04B

Moreover, if you want more tiles, just extend your backsplash to the ceiling without cabinet, and if you decide to do this, remember to choose the color, size and layout you want.

3. Material

Is it a porcelain tile? Glass or stone? Make a decision based on your own preference and overall design style. If you want you kitchen modern and clean, a porcelain tile will fit you best. ANT.TILE supplies a series of porcelain triangle tiles for sale, contact us freely and we will recommend the best one to match your style!

4. Countertop

Make sure your tile paired with your countertop perfectly. Choose a neutral-color countertop if your backsplash is colorful, while you still can go bold with stylish patterns.

TR12-SW-MB-W_windmill pattern triangle tiled kitchen backsplash

Tile Shown: Single Windmill TR12-SW-MB-W

5. Play With Pattern

Would you like to play with some creative patterns? If you want your backsplash a bit different, it is a great choice to tiling with interesting patterns. Consider ANT.TILE innovative pattern used in the area below:

TR2-CT-MW-B_playful tile pattern for kitchen backsplash renovation

Tile Shown: Canine Tooth TR2-CT-MW-B

Also, if you think that it is too overpower for your family house, but still drawn to pattern for your kitchen design timeless, we suggest you to take our zip connection triangle tile, pure and dimensional, adding characters to any spaces.

TR1-GWZ_zip connection white triangle tiled kitchen backsplash design

Tile Shown: Zip Connection Triangle TR1-GWZ

6. Whats Your Budget

Another vital factor to make clear is your budget for kitchen remodel, that is so important, and you had better make a clear plan for it in advanced. If your budget is tight, try to consider our collection of 1 inch tile and 2 inch tile, you can still get fun for your kitchen installation as ours below:

TR1-MW-MW-B_windmill triangle tiled kitchen backsplash design

Tile Shown: Windmill Triangle TR1-MW-MW-B

Your know that customized or handmade tile will drive up your cost. If you have more budget for your kitchen backsplash, try to use some art tiles or stylish geometric tiles, that will level up to kitchen look to the overall values.

Are you ready to choose tile pattern for your kitchen backsplash design? If you want something unique for your project, welcome to contact us for more product details.  

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