Ant.Tile as an unique brand is specialized in supplying a variety of creative geometric triangle tile for both residential and commercial projects. We have received some amazing project feedbacks from our customers , and find that our tiles are mostly used in kitchen and bathroom. ANT’s geometric porcelain tile is both beautiful and functional, and there are more funny ways to use these tiles, you choice from us is really unlimited! Following we are sharing you with some areas to use our tiles, to bring you big inspiration for your next renovation project!


Tiling your kitchen is a popular way to make your kitchen timeless beautiful. From the wall, backsplash to flooring, the option of our geometric triangle tile is sure to make your kitchen stand out!

Be bold to tiling the whole wall with this 2” unglazed black and 3D glass mixed mosaic tile, which brings a free style and visual feast to your kitchen.  

TR2-F-UB-G_free style geometric tiled kitchen wall decor

Tile shown: 2 Black Mixed 3D Glass TR2-F-UB-G

Keep your cooking time happy with this beautiful backsplash design, finish with our 2” triangle tile in Magic Cube series. Backsplash is a common place for tile, while you can make it uncommon with this creative patterns.  

TR2-MWB-DD01G_makes your cooking time happy with beautiful kitchen backsplash

Tile shown: 2 Matte White Mixed Black TR2-MWB-DD01G

Tiling the floor different with our blossom pattern tile would bright up your small kitchen effectively. This tile is newly added to our classic series, rendering in black, white and gray colors. It is really durable, easy to clean and install.

TR2-CL-TBL1_a stylish floor ro bright up kitchen space

Tile shown: 2 Classic TR2-CL-TBL1


Bathroom has a strict requirement on tile selection, as the wet area is easy to get you slip and fall. Consider to use mini-size and anti-slip tiles. Ant.tile would be a great choice for you.

The tiling area of 2” blossom pattern tile has tied everything well together and make a statement to your shower space.

TR2-CH-BL2_tiled wall make a statement to shower space

Tile shown: 2 Chino Hill TR2-CH-BL2  

Let the tile go wall-to-floor in your bathroom, that makes a seamless look to the wall and floors, complementing your bathroom style.

TR2-UWB-DD03B_tile go wall-to-floor

Tile shown: 2 Unglazed Black White TR2-UWB-DD03B


Love my bedroom going at Nordic style, it feels simple and comfortable. You can choose a white grout color for your black wall tiles, adding geometric beauty to your space like below.

TR2-MB_black triangle tile for simple and comfortable bedroom

Tile shown: 2 Matte Pure Black TR2-MB

Living Room

Our classic collection would work well to boost your living room style, fitting the luxury vibe perfectly when used on floor installation.  

TR2-CL-SQ3_geometric tile floors for luxury living room decor

Tile shown: 2 Classic Square TR2-CL-SQ3

To revamp your painting wall with our 2” triangle tile in windmill pattern, that is the return of black and white. You don’t need to have it all used if you are afraid of it acts overpowering.

TR2-MW-GW-B_dynamic tiled wall decor for living room

Tile shown: 2 Windmill Pattern TR2-MW-GW-B


A satisfying entryway welcomes you back home. This 2” black white windmill triangles has built a gorgeous ground for your home, it is also practical to make a distinction for your entry and living room.

TR2-MWB-DD04C_a gorgeous entryway floor installation

Tile shown: 2 Windmill Triangle TR2-MWB-DD04C


A fresh take on our 3rd generation art tile and pure black triangle tiles for wall and floor design, this combination creates a beautiful landscape to your balcony like below.

TR2-MWB-DD01E_a fresh take on geometric tile for balcony landscape

Tile shown: 2 Huntington Beach Series TR2-MWB-DD01E + 2 Matte Black TR2-MB


Tiling your commercial store stylish is a sure way to make it more inviting and profitable.

One of the best way to show your cafe style is to tiling the kitchen island. We do love this geometric tile, it is so eye-catching and unique for this modern space.  

TR2-MWB-DD07A_install kitchen island stylish and make your cafe inviting

Tile shown: 2 Black White Triangle TR2-MWB-DD07A


Make a break look to your swimming pool with our geometric pool tile in blue shades. If you want to remodel your pool, try to use playful tile patterns to make your pool space more interesting, that will let your pool design go in a long way.

TR-SA-WH_make a break look to your swimming pool with geometric pool tile

Tile shown: 2 Santorini Triangle TR-SA-WH

We love to hear what inspire you and see more areas to use our tiles. If you re in demand for our produces, welcome to contact us and get a free quote, we will reply you soon.   

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