Feeling so good to buy mosaic tiles that are unique and different from others, which will make your home individual and stylish in easy way. You will get big surprise from ANT.TILE’s geometric triangle tiles that are made of lots of creations and passions.

Why choose ANT.TILE? There are some reasons for you.

1. Handmade

Our design tile is all made by hand. Each tile passes through every pairs of hands, meaning that each tile chip is selected strictly for high quality finished product.

High quality gemetric triangle tile mosaic (1)

High quality gemetric triangle tile mosaic (2)

2. Eco-friendly Material

Most of our products are made of porcelain. Formed by molds, each porcelain mosaic chip causes less loss of raw materials. Porcelain can be easily recycled, the scrapped materials from manufacturing process will be reused for producing new mosaic tiles.

3. Creative Designs

The slogan of ANT.TILE is “WE Create!” All tiles are designed by our own, turning lots of triangles into a series of interesting and innovative patterns. Interior designers and architects love it, getting inspiration from these geometric triangles. If you want something unique, go ahead and take a look at our collections.

4. Beautifully Made

With variety of patterns and colors to choose from, our geometric tiles add timeless beauty and characters to any interior designs. You will find the best one to fit your style!  

ANT.TILE geometric tiles colors

5. Long Lifespan

ANT.TILE can certainly stand the test of time, we take durable porcelain for material, and sure that you will love it for years to come. We do love all unique ways to use our triangle art tiles ceramic, you space has become a piece of art!

6. Local Retail Shop

ANT.TILE has cooperated with over 100 local retail shops in USA. Find the shop near you to get sample and make a closer look at our tiles before make a order. Just contact us to find the local retailer of us.  

ANT.TILE Local retail shops in USA (1)

ANT.TILE Local retail shops in USA (2)

ANT.TILE Local retail shops in USA

ANT.TILE Local retail shops in USA

7. Good Warehouse

Most of our products are in stock for sale. A tidy warehouse helps us work more efficiently and much easier to find the tile sample for our customers. Work hard, work better!

ANT.TILE Warehouse (1)

If you are interested in any colors at ANT.TILE, welcome to get a free quote from us, and find your local retailer for more details.

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