Zip Connection is a new innovative design by ANT.TILE, comes in pure color black and white, to build a classic space in simple ways. There are limitless ways to do with pure color, especially black and white, talks to modern and classic vibe! We are showing you these pretty designs and the way to use it, get inspiration to do wonders for your space projects.

  1. A Bright Kitchen Backsplash

If your kitchen space is small, consider to choose a bright color for the entire space. I do love pure white, it always makes my kitchen filled with cleanness and brightness, making kitchen feel more spacious easily.

TR1-GWZ white triangle mosaic tile for kitchen backsplash

Featured at: TR1-GWZ

  1. Do Not Mess Up Your Storeroom

Storeroom is often overlooked by most homeowners, which is in a mess. Zip connection 1’’ matte white triangle mosaic tile wall accent has created unexpected and comfortable look for the storeroom niche! These small patterns are gorgeous for your storeroom fixtures.

TR1-MWZ matte white triangle tile mosaic for wall accent use

Featured at: TR1-MWZ

  1. Add Depth to Wall Background

Use your wall background to extend the depth of the whole space! Zip connection 2’’ triangle mosaic tile in black hue make a stylish statement to all interior design niche! When use on wall background, it highlights all wall hangings.

TR2-MBZ matte triangle mosaic tile for kitchen wall decor

Featured at: TR2-MBZ

  1. Create A Theme

Take a tiling wall to build the theme of your study room. We do love this subtle and simple theme of the master study. Choosing to repeat these same 2’’ matte white triangle mosaic tile to create a small library for kids. Children will love this wonderful corner!

TR2-MWZ matte white triangle mosaic tile for interior wall design

Featured at: TR2-MWZ

Feeling inspired? We are glad to hear your inspiration! If you are interested in our triangle mosaic tile patterns, welcome to contact us and find the best one fitting your style!

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