For you, what is a beautiful kitchen? Having advanced cooking equipment, appliances, high-class cabinets and fancy decoration? Kitchen as a high-traffic area in house, is the center of daily life. The decor of kitchen has high demand for beauty as well as functions, that is time-consuming and needs deep pocket.

Here we sharing some simple steps to remodel your outdated kitchen, adding styles and functions to create a marvelous look with modern upgrades.

Set It Lighter Tone

Repainting or retiling your kitchen with lighter color is useful to make the space brighter and bigger. Just taking a new white color for wall painting, which can wonderfully fresh the place. Painting your cabinets will save your more money rather than purchasing a new one.

If you do not want to paint the whole kitchen, look at the kitchen below, picking white subway tile for backsplash covering with a clean look. The triangle tiled floor has structure the entire kitchen vibe: classic, modern and simple.

Kitchen makeover ideas_set the kitchen lighter tone brighter and bigger

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Dont Let Your Floor Look Dull

Floor decor means a lot to a kitchen space, and please don’t forget to look down your feet. There are variety of floor covering materials for option: porcelain tile, wood, stone, concrete, laminate and mosaic tiles. Just picking the material to fit your taste and the whole kitchen style.

Tiling floor is one of the most popular choices in home improvement. Kitchen is the most traffic area second to bathroom and living room, so the tile used on floor must be durable and wear-resistant. The good news is that you have wide sizes and patterns to choose from. If you want something special for your kitchen remodel, geometric floor tiles will give big surprise to you. The below kitchen goes dramatic and stylish with Ant.Tile’s gray white blossom pattern geometric tile. The surface is matte, non-slip and easy to clean.  

Kitchen makeover ideas_floor decor means a lot to kitchen

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Install A Featured Backsplash

To refresh your kitchen, backsplash offers a great opportunity to add focal point to the space design by using unique textures. Decorative tile in floral or geometric pattern is the best for it, which comes in massive colors and sizes, convenient to match.

A great backsplash does add features to wall and protect the walls from any spills, oils and food during cooking. Ant.Tile’s windmill tile pattern creates your kitchen an unique look, it is beautiful and functional. Made of quality porcelain, it is durable and easy to clean. With mesh mounted on back, the tile is simple to install and cut to fit.

Kitchen makeover ideas_install a featured backsplash

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Cabinets Go Gray

The cabinets can definitely set the stage for your kitchen style and apperance. Reworking your kitchen cabinets can be a big investment, so make sure the cabinet style right for you. If you have a budget, it is advisable to repaint your old cabinets. Color your cabinet can add personality to your kitchen.

White color cabinet is preferred in contemporary kitchen. While for those who tired of white, gray is the next best selection. Most people would think gray is cold, but as you see the kitchen below, the gray cabinet looks high-end and modern, it works perfectly to fit into the small kitchen space and creates more space, everything is kept in order.

Kitchen makeover ideas_cabinets go gray

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Beside the tips above, there are other effective ways to refresh your kitchen. You may have budget limitation on major appliance, but renew those small appliance like shelves, window or rugs can also successfully freshen up your out-of-style kitchen.


Feeling Inspired?

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