Geometric tiles have become a new fashion and a staple of many home decoration and commercial project, its impressive and interesting motif is the favourite of most interior designers and architects, especially for those who want to show their personality to their space. Ant.Tile as an unique brand is specialized in creation and innovation, we produce geometric mosaic tiles that never seen in the market, these bold designs are a practical and aesthestic choice for you. Today we are sharing you 10 modern bathroom space decorated with our geometric tile patterns, all of them are stylish and out-standing. Read on and get inspiration now.

Bathroom floor decor with black white heart pattern geometric tile for sale

Featured product: White mixed black 2″ single heart pattern TR2-SH-MB-W

This black triangle tile with heart pattern builds a subtle flooring, which makes a contrast to the white walls, the space is modern in black-white tone.

Bathroom floor decor with twist square geometric tile patterns

Featured product: White mixed black 4 railroad pattern T4-MB-RL 

Choosing some artworks and green plants to live the bathroom up, the geometric tile in square motif makes your bath flooring different, works perfectly with the mosaic tiled bath tub.

Bathroom floor decor with black white geometric mosaic tile

Featured product: White mixed black 4 windmill pattern T4-MB-WM 

Of course, this windmill black-white geometric tile adds movements to the floor, it is a popular pattern for floor decor, interior designers love it due to its dynamic effect and endless possibilities.

bathroom floor decor with ribbon pattern geometric tiles

Featured product: Blue mountain 2 ribbon pattern TR2-BLM-R

Let the light in, and you can get a bright bathroom space. You large and simple bathroom design can be upgraded with this diagonal geometric tiled floor in blue hue.

Bathroom floor decor with twist square geometric shaped tiles

Featured product: Classic 2 twist square pattern TR2-CL-TSQ

To build a mid-century vibe, keeping the space with clean line is a valid choice. Try to mixed non-traditional things – geometric tile to the space, they are not in conflict.

Bathroom floor decor with diagonal geometric mosaic tiles for sale

Featured product: Time tunnel 2 grey mixed white TR2-MWG-DD07A

Lighting is another vital element when using geometric tiles, choosing a simple lighting to warm up the space.

Bathroom floor decor with artistic geometric tile mosaics

Featured product: Magic cube 2” grey mixed white TR2-MWG-DD03D

You can find in many bathroom design, the wood and tile do a great combination and make a natural style. The floor tile pattern is so artistic and attractive, you can’t miss it if you want a tile looks like a rug.

Bathroom floor decor with square geometric pattern triangle tiles

Featured product: Magic cube 2” unglazed white mixed black TR2-UWB-DD01B

The hanging picture and the geometric tiled flooring demonstrated an artistic space, the oval glossy white bathtub provides an uncluttered feel.

Bathroom floor decor with geometric mosaic tiles patterns

Featured product: Huntingtone beach 2” unglazed black white TR2-UWB-DD07B

Do it floor-to-wall, the unglazed black and white geometric tile of Huntingtone beach series, creates a theme to the entire bathroom area.

Bathroom floor decor with windmill pattern geometric tile design

Featured product: Windmill pattern 2” black white TR2-MWB-DD04A

Mable countertops and backsplash is a classic choice for bathroom, then use geometric tiles for a bold flooring.

If you like these 10 bathrooms and get inspired from the post, welcome to share your ideas with us. Your comment will help us improve. Also, if you want to take one of our geometric shaped tiles for your next project, them ask us for best pricing and sample details.

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