Last time, we have showed you our new design of 2018 – 4 Inch Tile – Pure Color Series, and now we are sharing another series of it – Geometric Tile Pattern. Different from pure color series, these following geometric patterns would be more creative and playful to give you more design inspiration ideas.  

In the series, we collects 4 patterns (Forest, Windmill, Railroad, Fiddle) for you, while you would be surprised to  find that what you get is more than what you think, it brings endless possibilities for any space decorating.  

  • Forest Pattern

4 inch forest pattern black white matte geometric tile

Inspired by the beautiful scenery of rain forest, we got ideas for our tile design and creates the forest pattern. The forest design is versatile and timeless beautiful, whether you use it only, or mixed it with other tiles, it still stands out! It is not wrong to use this forest tile with wooden tile for interior floor, you can have one like below.  

Forest pattern_4 inch geometric tile living space floor

Tile shown: 4 Forest Pattern Black White Matte T4-MB-FR

  • Windmill Pattern

4 inch windmill pattern black white matte geometric tile design

Windmill pattern is a must have if you want your space lively and energetic! It is also a best seller of our collection, which is an impactful wall or floor tile choice. We would like to see that you have it with flooring, making your commercial store more inviting and stylish!

Windmill pattern_4 inch geometric tilecommercial flooring

Tile shown: 4 Windmill Pattern Black White Matte T4-MB-WM

One Pattern, Endless Opportunities

Never miss the following 2 patterns, you can really get creative with them. Take one pattern and change your installation way, and you will get another new visual patterns. What you need to do is to make sure the right twist spot and repeat the motif correctly during installation.    

  • RailRoad Pattern

The railroad pattern plays magically to turn into 3 another patterns (Chevron, Diagonal, Square).

Railroad pattern geometric tile design

Tile shown: 4 Railroad Pattern Black White Matte T4-MB-RL

Chevron: The zig-zag chevron pattern makes a pop wall backsplash in subtle way. Whether you install it horizontally or vertically like below, your wall becomes the focus with a stunning look.  

Chevron pattern_4 inch geometric tile kitchen backsplash design

Diagonal: Paired with this black-white diagonal tile pattern on your kitchen island, your space will have the contemporary appeal.  

Diagonal pattern_4 inch geometric tile used in kitchen island

Square: Designed to make a bold statement to flooring, this square motif ties everything together in the bathroom, I just cannot take my eyes off this gorgeous decoration.

Square pattern_4 inch geometric tile bathroom shower floor design

  • Fiddle Pattern

There are 4 ways to install the fiddle pattern, and you can get another 4 patterns (Chevron, Diagonal, Maze, Square).

Fiddle pattern geometric tile design

Tile shown: 4 Fiddle Pattern Black White Matte T4-MB-FD

Chevron: We love this geometric look of chevron pattern, which adds movements and characters to any kitchen backsplash.  

Chevron pattern_4 inch geometric tile kitchen backsplash

Diagonal: This black white diagonal tile as bathroom wall tile, works wonderfully with the pure white cabinets and black countertop, making a fresh space for you.

Diagonal pattern__4 inch geometric tile bathroom wall decor 

Maze: Do not lose your design way from this maze pattern. Try taking it used on wall and floor covering, this new design will evoke your style and extremely cool!

Maze pattern_4 inch geometric tile used in interior wall floor

Square: This square motif is an awesome option for kitchen flooring, if you are not ready to take it for entire flooring, then try to pair it with other pure color tiles, which is helpful to make a distinction in your kitchen area.

Square pattern_4 inch geometric tile kitchen floor design

Have you got one you like in these new designs? Hope your get inspiration and welcome to share your ideas with us. Contact us freely for best price and sample request, and we will get back to you soon.

ANT.TILE as an unique brand is specialized in geometric mosaic tile supply, creative for all architects and interior designers. Let us play with tiles!

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