A lovely and comfortable dining area will make your meal times more enjoyable. Here, we share with you some of our favourite and inspiring dining rooms. Each of these will fit many different home styles, designed to make your meal time happier.

1. Spacious and Open

If you have a big family and often host parties at home, a large dining room is a must have. The below open-plan dining room features a seamless connection with the cooking area and living room, thereby adding interactivity and ventilation to the space, which is perfect for a dining party of family and friends. By using 2 types of floor tiles, you can easily distinguish the separate areas.

Spacious and open dining room with geometric tiled floor

Featured product: 4 Black White Square Pattern T4-MB-FD  

2. Let The Natural Light In

You can never go wrong by opening your dinning area to natural light. If space is limited, this will help to make the room feel larger! The plants and fresh vegetables on the table create a naturally fresh and clean vibe. 

Let the natural light into your dining room

Featured product: 2 Summit Gray Matte TR2-MG

3. Dark Scale

Dark hue’s build a cool dining area. The neat geometric tiled wall adds depth to the whole space creating an essence of style. Adding a wooden table for your modern dining room will never go out of style! The wooden round dining table adds bright character to the room, creating a warm contrast to the black wall and chairs. The dark colors bring elegance to a smaller area making it feel warm and cozy.

Dark scale dining room with black geometric tiled wall

Featured product: 4 Linear Black Glossy T4-GB-PL

4. I Want A Long Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is a functional and necessary addition to many kitchens. It is a great place not only for preparing food, but also works as a dining bar. The below Island finished with our geometric triangle tiles adds a stunning look to the space.

A long kitchen island for dining areas

Featured product: 4 Black White Diagonal Pattern T4-MB-RL

5. Uniquely Tiled Floor

While most people ignore it, your floor could be a great centerpiece. By adding a patterned tile you could emphasize the dining room’s style. The geometric tiled floor in blue hue works wonderfully with the surroundings, creating an elegantly European style to the space.

Uniquely tiled floor with geometric tile mosaic designs

Featured product: 2 Blue Mountain Square Pattern TR2-BLM-SQ3

An amazing dining room will make dinning more appetizing! We hope you like these 5 modern dining room designs and get inspiration for your interior design project. We welcome you to tell us which one is your favorite and invite you to share your inspiring ideas.  

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