Work is getting flexible in time and places, more and more people spend much time in their home and definitely need a separate room for work. However, tiny home is common to see, there is not enough space for a separate home office. As a result, home office often is built in living room, bedroom and even kitchen. Today we are sharing some cool ideas to have an workspace in your home, which still can make each small home airy and take good use of it. Read on and get inspiration!

Combos With Countertops

A very prevailing idea is to organize your office nook into the kitchen. Some people choose to use their countertops for cooking as well as working. While I won’t recommend you to do that if you want to separate the office nook from the kitchen. The easiest way for you is to have another contrasting-color or material desk, even you place it by the countertops, you can visually divide the spaces. Get inspired from example below!

Home office ideas_combos with countertop

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Combos With Beds

Setting the work desk next to the bed is a good way if you cannot spend too much space on the working zone. It is functional for the desk can be used as nightstand too. Look at the bedroom below, try to buy a white table to make contrast to the black tiling wall background.

Home office ideas_combos with beds

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Combos With Window

It is a popular solution to place your desk by the window, which can provide enough light for work. A too big table is not a good choice and remenber to use white curtain not to prevent light coming in.

Home office ideas_combos with windows

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Combos With Bookcase

Seamlessly incorporating your desk with bookcase can create more space to your room. Although your workspace might be tight, it still can be clean, neat and functional, providing you a comfortable working zone.

Home office ideas_combos with bookcase

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Combos With Cabinets, Drawer

Why not customize your cabinet, drawer and desk at the same style? You will find its big advantage. Use the upper cabinet and drawer for document storage and a desk for working. Like the space below, a warm room with built-in desk, cabinet and wooden chair for working and studying.

Home office ideas_combos with cabinets and drawers

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Combo With Artwork 

Use an artwork such as a wall hanging illustration to highlight your room, which can definitely help to upgrade your working space. An minimalist modern room like below is a great design for you. The combo of blue and white color builds a peaceful and calm vibe for work. The illustration on the white wall has enhanced the whole space style.

Home office ideas_combos with artworks

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Combos With Bedding

Windowsill now is a common have in tiny home, while most people do not take good use of it. It is a great place for working. As the zone is not big enough, it should be kept very clean and cozy. Decorate it minimalist with a small desk and having some bedding such as pillow, blanket and coverlet for comfortable living, it also can work as an area for resting and studying.

Home office ideas_combos with bedding

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Feel Inspired?

Hope you get ideas for your home office design and glad to hear what inspired you! For more latest information of interior design and trend, please bookmark our blog page.

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