Wondering renovating your home and don’t know where to start, what about the bedroom? Bedroom, is a place to rest, which is a important part in home decoration. People often get stuck in designing a bedroom with limited space, and think it cannot be stunning and cozy. Today we are going to share you 8 effective interior ideas to recreate your bedroom modern, beautiful and functional. Let’s start and get inspiration.

Install A Pure-White Wall

It won’t never go wrong with a white wall decor, it is classic and won’t be out-of-fashion. White color is common used in home decor, for it can absorb any other colors and works perfectly with any furniture. Due to its pureness and cleanness, it sucessfully adds more space to the bedroom. Look at the bedroom below, the use of our white triangle wall tiles and dark brown bedding, wood desk brings a fresh and airy atmosphere, building a Scandinavian Style bedroom space.

Pure white triangle tile makes a Scandinavian style bedroom space

Featured product: Classic white 1 triangle tile TR1-MW

Build A Work Place

If you frequently work at home and want to have a home office, it is a good way to have the office in your bedroom. Like the bedroom below, you can have your work table on your bedside, installing a book shelf on the wall will save your space.

Build a work place to save your bedroom space

Featured product: Single diamond pattern unglazed triangle tile TR2-SD-UB-G

Areas for Baby Crib

If your house is small and do not have extra room for your little baby, why not including it in your bedroom? Choosing a geometric tile for floor decor and a rug to set the baby area apart. Importantly, you can take good care of your baby and avoid the accidents.

Include baby crib in your bedroom

Featured product: Time tunnel 2 geometric tile floor TR2-MWG-DD01I

In-Built Headboard

Built-in design brings large benefits to many home decoration, especially those have small space. Built-in design is getting more and more popular in modern home. If your bedroom space is limited and you want to have a big-size bed, then the built-in design is a best recommend for you. You can tell your demand to your builder, this could be achieved.

Built-in design creates more space to your bedroom

Featured product: Multi windmill pattern 2 black white triangle tile TR2-MW-MW-B

Wood And 3D Is Pretty

Wood cladding is a good addition to any wall design, especially for small bedroom, the wood surface has created a warm and comfortable look. Our three-dimensional glass black wall distinguishes the sleeping area by a featured wall. It combines with the wood wall to make freshness and difference.

Wood cladding with 3d glass mosaic makes freshness to your bedroom

Featured product: Half free style 3D glass triangle tile TR2-HF-UB-G

Go On Neutral Style 

When decorating a small room, choosing the right color is essential. Relaxation and calm is must have for a small bedroom, that’s why neutral color popular in bedroom decor. Example as below.

Go on neutral style for your small bedroom

Featured product: Matte white checkerboard A TR2-CBA-MW-B

Beautiful Scenery Will Relax You

A french window can enlarge the room in easy way. The big window will let the light in, which make your bedroom brighter. You can also enjoy the city view from the window, getting relaxed and peaceful life from the night scene of this city.

Small bedroom with a big window

Featured product: Single diamond pattern black white triangle tile TR2-SD-GB-W

Use Multi-functional Furniture

At last, please be sure to choose furniture that can provide maximum effectiveness and function to your small room. Do not overlook those furniture can do more than one thing. A storage sofa is definitely a good choice, it can be used as a wardrobe as well as a resting place. The design can create much space to your bedroom, and there are wide options for you.

Use multifunctional furniture design for small bedroom

Featured product: 1 black white heart pattern triangle tile TR1-SH-MW-B

If you have picked up some good ideas from this post, welcome to comment here to share what you think. Ant.Tile is an unique brand specialized in creating a series of geometric mosaic tiles, if you are looking for designer tiles and something unique for home decor, we would be your best choice.

From this post “Where To Use Ant.Tile In Your Home?”, you will get endless inspiration from our tiles applied in different home areas, and learn more about our products.

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