When doing kitchen remodel, something crucial to consider is what kind of funtionality you want to have for your kitchen. A standard kitchen space can provide activities like cooking preparation, casual dining, food storage, and if you want your kitchen serve as a space more than simple dining, then a kitchen island is definitely a great have.  

The kitchen island as a standing platform often located in the center of kitchen, and meanwhile, more workspace is created. Nowadays, open-style kitchen is a popular design in most home decoration, and kitchen island must be an excellent way to distinguish kitchen from living room. There are so many reasons to have a island for kitchen.

It is also reported that kitchen island becomes one of the most attractive and trendy decoration features in today’s kitchen remodel, most homeowners point out a desire for a kitchen island for their new home, and approximately 80% of them think a kitchen island is a must have.  

It is no wonder more and more kitchen renovation will have a kitchen island included. Today we are sharing some great ideas for a beautiful kitchen island design, read on and get inspiration now.

1. The Bigger, The Better

The size of island is the first factor you need to consider, which is often decided by your kitchen areas. If your kitchen is small, do not think about a big island that will suck too much floor space, a smaller one will be less obstructive. If you have a big kitchen space or want to have a open kitchen, then it would be a good news for you that there are more possibilities. You can have an over-sized kitchen island, setting it center in the space as a focal piece of your kitchen. A big kitchen island can creates a dramatic look and more countertops spaces, serving as a gathering area for family and friends.

Kitchen island design ideas_the bigger the better

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2. Keep It Minimalist And Contemporary

Kitchen island is available in variety of design styles. It won’t go wrong with a contemporary look by having a design concept of minimalist. Less makes more, keeping the island with simply smooth line and pure color, the design can go forever and never out-of-fashion. Look at the kitchen island below, finished by our 4” classic white triangle tile, the island is modern and clean.

Kitchen island design ideas_keep it minimalist and contemporary

Featured product: 4 inch tile triangle mosaic T4-MW-PL


3. Make The Height Right

The height of the kitchen island requests what kinds of seating you should have. Multi heights are highly accepted for giving additional functionality and making kitchen more interesting. The design can separate the countertops area for different functions, suck as dining area, cooking, cookbook shelf or potted plants. Your kitchen island can be customized and unique.

Kitchen island design ideas_make the height right

Featured product: 2 inch triangle tile classic white matte TR2-MW


4. Island Surface

The surface of island is a great opportunity to add personality and make a statement to your kitchen. Choosing geometric porcelain tile to cover the island can readily build an aesthetic and artistic kitchen space. If you are bold enough, tiling it from island to floor to make a striking appearance. That is so impressive and “Wow”!

Kitchen island design ideas_tiling kitchen island with geometric porcelain tile

More geometric tile blossom pattern >>>


5. Brighten Up With Lighting

Lighting is needed for activity, especially for commercial store design, right lighting can build an inviting vibe for your customers. When comes to kitchen island design, the lighting should be delicate. For commercial task lighting, most people like the light to go straight down onto the island. Recessed lights and pendant lights are mostly used. While whatever lighting you choose, balance the distance from countertops to ceiling to achieve a best result for brightening up the space.

Kitchen island design ideas_using lighting to make your commercial store more inviting

Featured product: 2 inch gray white triangle geometric tile TR2-MWG-DD07A


6. Add Storage Side

Buying a kitchen island with storage is practical and functional for you, especially for those who have a kitchen island in small kitchen. These storage can provide much space for pots, pants, dish towels, detergents and brushes, cleaning up your kitchen space. What you need to consider is what you want your kitchen island do for you, and you can find the best one for yourself, or even customize one according to your demand.

Kitchen island design ideas_add storage to both sides

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7. Ventilation

When you want your kitchen island serve as a cooking area, the ventilation is an important part. Installing a kitchen exhaust fan or range hood mounted in the ceiling or hanging above your cooking area, can help to lose the fried smell and limit the moisture condesing on the window inside. There are various hoods for your option and you can opt for customized one. The big caution is that you should make sure the hood placed low enough to work effective when installation.

Kitchen island design ideas_ventilation have a kitchen hood

Featured product: 2” geometric blossom unglazed white black TR2-UWB-DD02I


8. Floor Decor Goes Different

Although the island is ideal for separating your open kitchen from living room, a different floor surface from that of your living room will add highlights to your kitchen space. Choose a floor tile pattern that can fit your island and the whole kitchen perfectly. Look at the space below, the geometric tiled floor has indicated where is your kitchen workspace. It features an unglazed finish and anti-slip for traffic-area flooring. With this playful tile pattern, your kitchen is livened up although you take dark color for design.

Kitchen island design ideas_floor decor goes different with geometric tiles

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Feeling inspired?

We love to hear what has inspired you. These above tips are efficient when designing kitchen island, while it is OK to have your own style and stray away from these tips. Kitchen island should be designed for many kitchen tasks (Function First). Ant.Tile supplies geometric shape tiles that are creative for unique kitchen island covering as well as any room decoration. If you want to take our product for your next project, please feel free to contact us for best price.

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