A successful kitchen design must be functional, easy to clean, and surely comfortable and inviting. Backsplash tile plays an important role in the space, and really sets the tone for the kitchen. Here are a few backsplash tile designs that can be used in your next kitchen project.

1. High Gloss, Cool Black

Black mosaic tiles are never out of style for a backsplash, and can create a timeless look for the space. Choosing a high glossy finish would really save you time on cleaning meanwhile, it reduces the depressing sense that can come from black colors. Our 1 glossy black triangle tile adds character and depth to the kitchen backsplash, and works wonderfully with white grout. Now the geometric shape becomes the focus in the space and is eye-catching, isn’t it?    

High gloss pure black modern kitchen backsplash tiles

Tile shown: 1 Glossy Pure Black Triangle Tile TR1-GB

2. Classic White

Partnered with the carrara quartz countertop, the beautiful 1 pure white backsplash tile gives the kitchen elegance and warmth. This gorgeous triangle tile features a trendy tone of white in a glossy finish, making a simple and classic update on backsplash tile.

Classic white modern kitchen backsplash tiles

Tile shown: 1 Glossy Pure White Triangle Tile TR1-GW

3. Nifty Windmill

With a striking black windmill on each tile sheet, this tile creates an artistic backsplash design, effortlessly.

TR2-SW-MW-B_6 windmill pattern matte triangle tile mosaic kitchen backsplash

Tile shown: 2 Single Triangle Windmill TR2-SW-MW-B

4. Sweet Heart Pattern

Another of our lovely tile patterns — a single heart pattern, is sure to add a sweet touch to any kitchen backsplash.

Sweet heart pattern modern kitchen backsplash tiles

Tile shown: 2 Single Heart Triangle TR2-SH-MW-B 

5. Better With Unique Color

Create a new look to the kitchen backsplash by using an unique color rather than classic black and white, this 2” Cornwall Slate triangle tile in our Chino Hill Series levels up your kitchen style effortlessly.

Unqiue color cornwall slate matte modern kitchen backsplash tiles

Tile shown: 2 Cornwall Slate Triangle Tile TR2-CH-P1

6. Zig-Zag Chevron

These zig-zag motifs will create an interesting design and add dynamic effect to the kitchen backsplash. Step outside the basic and install the tile below:

Zig-zag chevron pattern modern kitchen backsplash tiles

Tile shown: 4 Railroad Pattern Geometric Tile T4-MB-RL

7. Bigger Windmill

This 2” Black White Windmill in our 3rd Generation Series is an upgrade on the basis of our single windmill, which brings you a stronger visual effect in interior design. Look at the kitchen below, the windmill tiled backsplash has set the tone of the space.

Bigger windmill geometric modern kitchen backsplash tiles

Tile shown: 2 Black White Windmill Geometric Tile TR2-MWB-DD04B

8. Play As Wallpaper

People choose wallpaper to build an artistic vibe for home decoration, now beautiful geometric tiles are becoming a popular alternative. This 2” blossom geometric tile in our Blue Mountain Series looks charming when used on wall and backsplash design.

Play as wallpaper beautiful geometric modern kitchen backsplash tiles

Tile shown: 2 Blossom Geometric Tile TR2-BLM-BL2

Enliven your kitchen with unique backsplash tiles, ANT.TILE supplies new colors and more playful geometric tiles. You can buy the best mosaic tiles and get endless inspiration for your home design from us. Contact us now if you want a tile sample or product quote!

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